I hear from so many of my clients that they're tired of having extreme ups and downs with their money.
They've spent much of their life engaged in a push-pull, hokey-pokey dance with their money and they don't even know how to recognize it when they're doing it, let alone ixnay the pattern once and for all.

On a conscious level they want it to end, yet there are subconscious programs that keep them locked in a never-ending feedback loop. Can you relate? If so you're not alone.

So, for today's miracle-rich article, I thought you might appreciate insight into some of the ways this may show up for you and some simple, yet powerful tips to begin shifting this up and down energy with your money.

Signs You're Riding The Feast Or Famine Rollercoaster

1. As soon as money comes in, particularly unexpected money, you're already looking for a way to spend it. I call this the "hot potato syndrome."

Tip~ I know this may seem challenging, but I'm going to dare you anyway…..go on a spending detox for 30 days (even longer if you can). This includes auxiliary items like special beauty cream, books (one of my personal vices:), extra meals out, etc. It will feel weird at first but it has become a habit to spend, but the value will be in appreciating every penny and learning how to build the muscle of saving for the sake of saving. It will help you break the pattern of debt and/or "just getting buy".

Are you willing to try?

2. Other patterns start to show up which you are trying to releaseFor example, if you feel that you have less money at the moment, you may indulge in over-eating, excessive watching of cat videos on youtube (they're cute, but not *that* cute), or any other pattern that you may engage in when you're trying to fill a void.

You are struggling to clarify your amazing message and then confidently sharing it with

Alternately, if you have more money than you're used to, you may retreat and become less visible, you may create some drama at work/your biz/in a relationship which ties in with sabotaging due to an inherent belief that you can't have it all.

Tip~ Regardless of which space you find yourself in, as soon as you catch yourself reaching for the chips, hiding out in your pj's for days or picking a fight, get your handy-dandy journal out and start writing. Once you bring awareness to the pattern, than you can choose to shift it. Awareness equals personal power and choice - always:)

3. When things are going well, you pull back. this may include pulling back from a certain eating regime, magically sleeping in for weeks on end and not making it to the gym, engaging in time-wasters, becoming passive in your marketing, and so on. Any relationship is about intimacy, including your relationship with money - when we avoid intimacy we engage in push and pull.

On the other hand, if things are not going so well, you may become too attached to the outcome and become a bit of a drill sergeant about food, exercise, how time is being spent, etc. This is a case of extremes which ties into the scarcity mindset of the "too muches" and "not enoughs". It creates forced polarity, push-pull, and creates an…….


Let's think about this for a moment. When you create any situation that is not aligned with what you truly want, it creates a stress response. BUT when we forget that we have an infinite supply of energy from Source, and create false energy instead by recreating situations that give us a hit of stress, it does a few things for us…..

a) it gives us energy

b) it makes us feel alive (most people feel like they're on autopilot and need something to wake them up from time to time; it's just a misdirected way of doing this)

c) it gives us something to suffer over, and bond with others in their suffering, thus creating a misdirected way to belong and create companionship.

Oooops, I forgot to mention we're going deep on this one. Did I kick up the issues in your money tissues?

Well, rather than putting yet another band aid on your money wounds, I'm going to invite you to do things differently by participating in my popular (Heal Your Money Story Certification). Let's be honest, you can't continue riding the feast or famine roller coaster - it's too costly. It's time to invest in life long money health and learn how to shift your money story once and for all so that you can be at peace with having it all and create the time and financial freedom that is your divine birthright. Are you with me?

Article by WOW Gal Sponsor Jennifer Longmore
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