Are you wondering how to turn yourself into a magnet for money to fall head over heels for you and enjoy a lasting, loving relationship with it?

As you may know, money is an energy. If we were to treat money like a person, would money want to swoon us? I want to have a partnership where we’re having fun together, a lifelong partnership where we’re committed to each other, we’re growing and expanding, supporting each other’s endeavors based in trust and love and commitment. Money just wants to hang out with us. It has no conditions, no attachments. It doesn’t expect anything from us. 

So many of us want this type of relationship. And yet, so many of us don’t even have this relationship with people. If we’re really honest and we start to take a look at relationship dynamics, we will see that our relationships with money are a direct reflection of other relationships in our lives.

So just as we can shift energy to call people and healthy intimate relationships to us, we can shift energy that can call money to us.  So I want to go over some of the ways that make you attractive to money and money attractive to you. Why would money want to come and stick around and how is it going to serve you to invite it in?  Just get clear on what kind of relationship you do want with money and consider these 10 ways to make yourself attractive to money (and other relationships). 

1.   Radiate lightness. What you radiate out returns to you. If you radiate abundance and gratitude, that will return to you. If you’re sending out resistance and struggle, that will return to you. So really be mindful about the signals that you’re sending out. 

2.   Be giving. We must give in order to receive. When we activate the energy of giving, it has to start somewhere to be in alignment with balance rhythmic interchange. 

3.   Radiate abundance. When communicating with yourself or communicating with others, always speak about abundance rather than lack. Focus on what you do have around you or what’s coming in rather than what’s not working or what’s not coming in.  Also, think of yourself and others as rich. Even if you walk by a homeless person on the street, think of them as rich. Don’t focus on the poverty, focus on the richness. Rich is also experience: life experience, wisdom, all kinds of things.

4.    Be appreciative. Always appreciate money - it's like watering a plant. “Thank you for providing for me today” “thank you for treating me to that amazing meal tonight” “Thank you so much for sticking around so that I can pay my bills. It makes my life a whole lot easier when I have a phone to use and when I have heat and hydro”.

5.   Surround yourself with what you want more of. Successful people? If you want to be successful, it’s a lot easier to get there when you are hanging around other people who are already successful or have a lot of experiences, etc.

6.    Make peace with your past and your future. Imagine right now that you are dating money. You’ve perhaps been in experiences where we’re making a new friend or going out on a date and the person that we’re meeting for the first time is rambling on and on and on about how something happened in the past. Whether the things are good or not so great, this is not attractive and we don’t want to stick around for that conversation.

7.    Create money health.  Learn to look at it in the eyes, respect it, take a stand for it, spend it wisely, clean up your money leaks, and honour your divine money promises to yourself.  Create regular mindset practice to make sure that the monkey mond is not running the show.

8.   Create Your Money Vision.  You need to know why you are opening money channels so that you are always clear about the divine path and flow that you are working towards.

These are just a few areas to start considering so the Universe can act on your behalf. This is also a great way to start to be open to the possibilities around abundance and money. If you have a strong desire to heal your own money story more deeply AND help others heal theirs, or perhaps you are excited to create an incredible opportunity for an amazing income-generating service for your conscious business and/or wish to add value to your fabulous clients that you’re already serving… then you might want to learn about my innovative, exclusive "Heal Your Money Story Coaching Certification Program" CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE >>> 

In any event, I hope this information was helpful and I can’t wait to connect in with you again to go even deeper! 

~Jennifer Longmore, North America's Soul Purpose Expert, internationally acclaimed host of "Soul Purpose Central," and best selling author, is world-renowned for her laser like clarity in seeing into the depths of your soul and bridging your connection to universal consciousness.She is a leading expert on Akashic Records and has served thousands of soul’s as founder of the Soul Journeys® School for Akashic Studies and the Soul Journeys® Method.