Sometimes the Road We Start Down Takes Us a Different Direction. Our February 2013 WOW Gal Shares Her Story, however first...

Let's thank January 2013 WOW Gal, Suzanne Letourneau, forever to be Honoured in...
 Our WOWs Still Being Celebrated area. 
WOW Gal Forever Celebrated

Now...give a warm welcome to this month’s
WOW Gal, Rula Morcos

Our Featured WOW Gal

Who bravely left her home and family to follow and achieve her dreams of becoming a Criminal Lawyer then trusted her gut when the universe later decided to send her in another direction to serve in another way... An inspiring story! 

While you are there check out  This Month’s WOW Review  which is the book, Be Well: Unlock the Health and Wellness That You Deserve by Katharine Vanderzwet. Stress, lack of sleep and negative mental chatter; all weaken our immune system. God designed us intelligently; providing the food we need, telling us to rest and allowing for laughter. We need to be mindful of our relationships; seeking wellness within them. We need to re-establish a healthy relationship with food; understanding the whys of proper nutrition emphasizing once again that Knowledge is power!

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