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Our October 2011 WOW Gal is Debuting!

Posted by Carolyn Shannon on Saturday, October 1, 2011 Under: Wow Gal Debuting

First, Thank YOU to OUR September 2011 WOW Gal, Cathy Byrnes of Coach Cathy!

She will now be continuously featured at WOW Gals Still Being Celebrated. Congratulations Cathy!

And Now We would like to introduce YOU to...
Our October 2011 WOW Gal,

Pat Hastings of Simply A Woman of Faith!

If you haven't already found Pat on OUR Home page visit with her to hear her story by clicking on her name.

Each month we will be featuring a new WOW Gal so Submit YOUR Story and you can be ONE too!

We will also doing a WOW Gal Review on Books, Photos, Videos, etc so let us know of items that you feel would inspire, empower or heal a woman's life in some way. This Month's Review is on the Book, 10 Mindful Minutes by Goldie Hawn based on the Mind UP Program from the Hawn Foundation. Check it out while you are here.

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