Would a GLIMPSE into the SOUL assist in life now?       

To hear the wisdom of our soul voice!

To know what direction to take!

To see what is the choice of best! 

The future is a mystery to us all. Would it be wonderful to know the best direction for the future? Then unravel this mystery and turn it into a gift!

God/The ALL and The Angels of The Light know everything about us including our chosen mission in life here. We are given clues and intuitive reminders continuously.

Our SOUL is a tool of guidance or an inner voice of knowing.

We go nowhere without this wisdom.

It is always with us, as is the energy of our Angels.

Meditate or pray and tap into this wisdom. 

The Angels of The Light offer this simple exercise to assist us with a glimpse into the wisdom of our soul guidance. 

Hear your Soul Voice …. Just fill in the blank in this following statement.


This word represents a desire, a need, a continuation, a journey. This word has developed as a desire from childhood. This word embodies who you are and can emphasize the core of your personality. This word offers to you a glimpse and confirmation of your chosen mission in life. This word is an emotion to you, a feeling of fulfillment or achievement. (an empowering soul-driven word) 

What is your word? If this word does not come to you quickly, sit quietly and allow it to lift into your awareness. It just fits or embraces your truth or intuitive knowing. 

When completed, this statement offers empowerment and illumination to all tasks.

Choices of best become clear and synchronistic momentum in life is observed.

And bonus - The Angels of The Light say …“it highlights one’s chosen mission!” 

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