It is so hard to believe that it has been a whole year since this online magazine was launched.

It has come a long way in these first 12 months, lots of learning curbs that have improved the look, life and promotion of what I consider to be a wonderful instrument of bringing WOW into the lives of both the readers and the "story" tellers. I will continue to update this year as well.

The response from women submitting their stories has been amazing! We now have more than a year's worth ready to be features and more come in every month. These stories really touch me as I am preparing the feature pages and I truly appreciate the willingness of the contributors to share these intimate and often painful memories to heal, inspire or empower other women.

For everything and every emotion in life is fleeting. While we would like the moments of happiness, joy and peacefulness to last forever, we would never truly appreciate them if we didn't experience the ones that gave us our most valuable "growth spurts". From these we learn too much to skip them altogether. The most we can hope for is that they become shorter as the experience gained from them brings the awareness and tools to deal with them in a better way.

Thank you for for following and supporting this dream in 2011 and I hope that you will visit throughout 2012 and beyond as Women of Worth Magazine evolves into the WOW Magazine it was conceived to be

Love & Light, Carolyn