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WOW Pick for February 2018
8 Colours of Prosperity by WOW Gal Moira Bush

This is the Ultimate Guide to turn your Debt Devils into Love Angels I was pleasantly surprised by the Introduction to this book. Moira’s explanation and insight into the Millennial Business Revolution is spot on. It’s clarification of this changing world and the new approach needed by today’s Entrepreneurial Businesses is essential for us all.
From there, she helps you identify the language of then ways of changing your “Debt Devil’s into “Love Angels”. Using the principles of Colours of Prosperity and the Law of Attraction to do this can only positively influence on your personal life and finances. Working through each of the colours brings AMAZING results!

Moira’s fun way of discovering our authentic ability to discover more about both ourselves and colours keeps you reading until you get your “Aha!” moment! Because life is about cycles you will want to revisit this book each time you even get close to revisiting your “Debt Devil”.
No matter whether you get this book for yourself or an loved one… whoever reads it will be far wiser than before they started. Maybe they will even commit to “Say Yes & Turn Up… No Matter What or Who Presents!

WOW Gal Moria Bush invites you to check out YOUR 2018 Colour Prediction & Pick Up Your Prosperity Book while there!!!

The Great Cosmic Mother by Barbara Mor and Monica Sjoo

In light of what has been happening throughout the world with women disclosing incidents where they have suffered due to power plays by men in authority over them this book bears reading and reviewing... It is a NEW YEAR After All!

I was first introduced to this book at the library one day.  I had been given a few statements by the angels that I couldn’t explain.  I don’t remember how this book landed in my hands and I signed it out.  After a few days I picked it up to read it and after only a few sentences I threw it down because I thought it was a man-basher.  My understanding at that time was ‘primitive’. A few days later I picked it up again and began reading in earnest.  My statements were answered.  I kept reading.  One of the questions I had asked the angels was ‘what is the cause of my suppression?’.  The book continued to answer that question.  I cried through the whole book and said ‘I just wanted to know the reason behind my suppression NOT the suppression of women for the last 25,000 years!’
WOW Pick for January 2018

It begins billions of years ago defining the root of our being to the present.  It is like a circle.  As my Mother would say ‘the beginning dictates the end’.  The microcosm is the macrocosm. The Divine Feminine is inclusive. Truth is right here.  Where you are. Why are you working so hard to get it right?  These are the experiences you are meant to have. 

The Divine Feminine is not rising right now to weaken or undermine the masculine.  She is returning to change the Masculine.  And the Masculine behaves in its way because it feels separate from the Feminine on a very deep level.  He did not want to suppress the Feminine.  He is afraid of Her power because to be open to the Feminine it felt it was losing its power resulting in His ignorance of how to love Her without being Her protector.  The Feminine responds to Him – ‘I just need you to yield your love to me.  I’m a big girl. I don’t need your protection.’ This is not a war.  This is a love affair.  Love always triumphs. She’s back. And everyone is why She is going to be observable.

Alice Walker states: “One of the most important books I’ve ever read.”  After reading this amazing book, about 25 years ago and continuing to refer to these writings, I certainly agree with Ms. Walker. The amazing writers Barbara Mor and Monica Sjoo write about Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth in a concise, elaborate, detailed way that explains our Great Mother. It is a book about women’s HerStory.

Review submitted by WOW Gal Roxsane Rysdae

WOW Pick for December 2017

The New Super Power for Women by Steve Kardian &‎ A. Clara Pistek

While watching the Dr Oz episode on 2 women who had car jacking experiences and survived a startling statistic hit home. “90% of people are killed when they are grabbed off the street and moved to a second location”. This book demonstrates ways that will help you prevent that from happening from you.

It takes only seven seconds for a criminal to pick you as a target. This empowering guide for women to protect themselves and their loved ones, from a self-defense expert and longtime veteran of law enforcement, combines common sense advice on staying safe with concrete actions on what to do if find yourself in a dangerous situation.

"The New Superpower for Women is a must-read for all women so that they will never have to hear the words “You are lucky to be alive.” It is a must-read for all parents so that they will never have to go through what my mom and dad did. All of Steve’s passion for women’s safety, his long history in law enforcement, which includes serving as an FBI defense tactics instructor, has been poured into this book. Using real-life scenarios, Steve explains what happens in the moments leading up to an assault and shows that how we respond in those seconds can affect our safety.

Although the perpetrator in my case was a stranger, overwhelmingly it is someone who we know and trust that commits the crime. This book arms
us with concrete ways to protect ourselves in these situations as well. Steve also recognizes that crime is never the victim’s fault. Especially in cases of sexual violence, survivors are often blamed and shamed into silence. Steve shatters the silence of sexual violence and equips us with the tools to better defend ourselves.

Shining a light on a culture that too often condones sexual assault and blames survivors, this book illuminates the key to unlocking every woman’s superpower—trusting her own intuition."--Angela Rose, Founder and Executive Director of Promoting Awareness/Victim Empowerment (PAVE)

 Just a Little Heart Attack by and about Elizabeth Banks 
Christmas time (from this month on) is such a stressful time, especially for women. Many are saddled with almost all the work from getting the presents to all the celebration work including meal prep and clean up. So many times, women don’t check in or self monitor their feelings at this time. They are just too darn busy, exhausted and overwhelmed to even notice. 

This video is AMAZING in how it truly hits home this point and clearly demonstrates how even when in the midst of an actual heart attack we try to talk ourselves out of it and into continuing on despite the fact we can’t move. A MUST SEE for All women, men and even children using your discretion. Awareness and creating a quick action plan are important. They can and do save lives. And yes, contrary to what we all like to think, it CAN happen to YOU or a Loved One. And it CAN end WELL!

WOW Pick for November 2017

Get Involved. Save Lives. Go Red!
    Be Informed or Donate YOUR Way Now!

WOW Pick for October 2017

"You Have To LAUGH To Keep From CRYING
How To Parent Your Parents" by WOW Gal Charlotte Canion

When I first saw the cover of this book I was VERY drawn to the title. While my parents and grandparents all passed away before they had to be placed in a home,  I am surrounded by friends and loved ones dealing with this. 

Charlotte had three parents to parent instead of just one to take this journey with. Through her roller coaster journey the ability to pull herself out of what otherwise was an absurd or sad situation and release it through spontaneous laughter…with…not at… one or more of her loved ones. Throughout this experience, Charlotte learned to recognize that even when we think “there is nobody home” inside… “A Smile is a sign of joy… A Hug is a sign of Love… And a Laugh is a sign of Happiness.”  

I LOVE this book and HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone who are parents or have parents alive read it. It will teach you how to ... “Empower yourself by putting on the armor of knowledge. Find humor in every situation. Discover the power of laughter and see how it will help you cope with the task of parenting our parents, a task that will be inevitable for most of us.” Full of information that can help to face the future with the understanding that “Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and down my cheeks…” It helps us to treasure what is still beautiful in all relationships.

100 Years of Fashion Videos by Glam

It was no easy feat for Glam to put these videos together at a time when technology wasn't as seamless as it is today.

They are all definitely worth a look see and many of you will be wearing a smile due to going down memory lane and what you were wearing during each year represented.

RECOMMENDED: Keep volume down as our only bugaboo was some of the frantic beats in the soundtrack. Would have preferred better song choice on some.

We share these at a time when our local BPW (Business & Professional Women) of Niagara Falls was celebrating 100 years of being of service to our Niagara Community.. Enjoy! 

WOW Pick for September 2017

100 Years of Fashion: Women

100 Years of Fashion: Women in Film 

100 Years of Fashion: Women in Heels 

100 Years of Fashion: Wedding Dresses 

WOW Pick for August 2017
SketchSHE- A ride through the ages

SketchShe, featured on the Ellen Show, have a lot of funny videos representing Women and this  is one of our favourites!

Shae-Lee Shackleford, Lana Kington and Madison Lloyd  are three Australian models turned comedy YouTube stars.They are constantly coming up with new ideas and crazy video concepts with new twists!

They have gained 260 MILLION views on social media .

View More of their Videos on this Daily Mail Review as well as the video clip of them on Ellen's show. Enjoy!!!!


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Can Gal Gadot Make Wonder Woman a Hero for Our Time?  by ny TimES ROSLYN SULCAS 


‘Wonder Woman’ Is a Blockbuster That Lets Itself Have Fun bY ny tIMES a.O. SCOTT

WOW Pick for July 2017

WOW Pick for June 2017

I Affirming Arts Colouring Book Vol 1 by Create. Build. Inspire. & Heather Richard

Yes Colouring is the new stress reliever and lately the market is flooded with all kinds of similar colouring books. Yet, this really is more than just a coloring book.

It is a coloring activity book designed to help people feel good. All images are carefully hand-drawn using only positive affirmations and words to help inspire, encourage and motivate people to be happier, healthier and follow their dreams. This book includes 15 Affirming Arts™ coloring pages, 6 pages to write your own positive affirmations on, plus drawing pages and instructions on how to make your own Affirming Arts™ Images, so you can create your own personalized images to help you feel empowered to live your life the way you want to. Once you start the active meditation of colouring itself… you begin semi-consciously reading and absorbing statements such as “All is well”, “I have a beautiful mind”, “I create my life.” I am safe.” and many more. Therefore it is a colouring book for all ages, including teenagers who often struggle with a self-concept of being less than in a world that places so much emphasis on what is considered the norm in society. 

The creators of this book designed it to help people positively shift their thinking so they can set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, feel good, build better habits and make great choices for their life. After doing a few of the pages I can attest to the positive state of mind that can be reached with this AMAZING new colouring concept.

Life My Mother Does Sung by Lauren Alaina 

In Celebration of Mother's Day we are happy to share this Future WOW Gal's version of a tribute to her Mom. The video is full of fun memories of Mother and Daughter moments and the song itself reflects appreciation of a role model, teacher, mentor and yes best friend. While it is true that not all of us have this kind of relationship with out Moms, there is always hope that with time anything is possible. 

"I let my temper fly and she can walk away when she's had enough" affirms that love abides despite times of conflict. Celebrate your Mom this month and every day... after all without her you wouldn't have been born. Enjoy this feel good song and video.

Songwriters: Liz Rose / Nikki Williams / Nathan Chapman

WOW Pick for May 2017

WOW Pick for April 2017

"Nameless - A Story of Faith by Tammy Leigh Robinson 

A beautiful yet heart-wrenching story that compels you to read it to the very end. You first meet a thirteen year old girl raised in a traditional Jewish home whose life drastically changes from a very happy one to isolation and shame. With a family that continues to love her and care for her from afar she lives alone for a little over a decade. Then she is told she only has a few days or weeks to live and suddenly, with death hanging over her, she starts to truly live. 

After hearing an Amazing Healer has come to her neighbouring town by her visiting care takers, she is surrounded by Light and Dark Angels. They battle for her soul taking her through extremes of Hope and Doubt; Peace and Fear; Strength and Weakness; Life and Death whether she stays put or ventures out, is caught and stoned. Faith gives her the final courage to go to this man they are calling the Messiah. If she can just reach Him... If she can just touch “the tassels that dangled in front of her”... life would begin anew.

In this book we revisit a familiar time and place we have carried forward for centuries and meet one of the nameless many who was healed by having and holding close a strong FAITH in the power of LOVE, Only Available through TLR Publishing

Tammy Leigh Robinson was our August 2016 WOW Gal Angel Tribute Contributor

"I Married Mr America" by Lindy Tefft 

What's it like behind closed doors with Mr. America?  No holds barred. She tells all!!

Life with a celebrity bodybuilder was far from "perfect" for Lindy TefftFame and riches couldn't ultimately mask a world filled with lies, abuse, and scam artists. Lindy crawled through a tunnel of terror that she thought would never end. Her insightful guidance will inspire others to find hope where there seems to be none. She offers a hand-up to those facing life's toughest obstacles. You don't know how strong you are until strength is your only choice! 

From the beginning of our lives we want to believe we have the perfect families, homes, life. Despite some situations of mental or physical abuse… denial can be the most implemented coping skill developed. 

Early in life women are taught by our fairy tales that we will be rescued by our Prince Charming. These men are always handsome and strong… seemingly perfect. Soon in our teens and then into our womanhood we find ourselves on the quest for our own prince… our own Mr. Perfect. Many times the more handsome the more perfect…or so we think. If not as handsome, than the next best thing is charisma and or charm. Right?

 Well felt Lindy takes you behind the scenes of a family with the "perfect mother" to a place where only pain is felt. Stepping out into her adulthood, she carried what she had learned into her relationships and being married to the "perfect" man wasn't "perfect" at all.  Yet a butterfly has emerged fully grown! A riveting, inspirational true story of personal triumph over impossible odds.

Lindy Tefft was our August 2012 WOW Gal

WOW Pick for March 2017

WOW Pick for Febuary 2017

"Fight Like A Girl" by Kalie Shorr  

Kalie Shorr has been a leader in the fast-rising #LetTheGirlsPlay movement, so it’s fitting she’d write and record a theme song as her new single. In this just-released music video for “Fight Like a Girl,” the Portland, Maine native salutes struggles women fought through a century ago.

Shorr’s contemporary country message of equality was inspired by the very recent struggles women in country music have had. For nearly two years, the Song Suffragettes singer and songwriter round has taken the stage at the Listening Room in Nashville. Shorr’s been there the entire time, leading a response to the dearth of women having success as artists and songwriters. When radio consultant Keith Hill suggested songs by women should only make up a small percentage of radio playlists (#Saladgate), he planted a seed for this fiery country rocker.

“I’m perfume sweet and whiskey strong / I damn sure ain’t no underdog,” Shorr sings during the chorus. “You say I can’t, well darling watch me / You can’t stop me because I fight like a girl.” 

In the video, one sees Shorr alternating between guitar and mandolin as scenes from the movie Suffragette wiz past. The 2015 film stars Carey Mulligan, Anne-Marie Duff and Helena Bonham Carter as leaders of the early feminist movement. It was set in early 20th century England and released in theaters in October. Read More...

     How to Raise the Vibration around You by WOW Gal Dawn James

In this excerpt from this book I was reminded of one of the things I used to do in all my other homes that I haven’t done in my latest one and my allergies have been so much worse. On my way out now to buy English Ivy for my bedroom and Snake Plant for my bathroom. Hope one or more of these will become part of your 2017 if you aren’t doing them already. Lots more inside

Have you ever stopped to think about how healthy your home is?  When was the last time you thought about indoor air quality? Here are my three favorite ways to raise the frequency of the air in my home. These are natural ways to enhance your air quality and enjoy the benefits both physically as well as aesthetically.

These are natural ways to enhance your air quality and enjoy the benefits both physically as well as aesthetically. These suggestions are from my newest book How to Raise the Vibration around You, Volume I, which is available on our website, and online bookstores worldwide

1.Bring nature inside by adding house plants to your home.  Having house plants in your home is a great natural way to keep your air cleaner. Did you know that English Ivy not only removes toxins such as benzene, xylene, toluene and formaldehyde from the air but it also removes mold, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies? 

2.Light cappings beeswax- this is the only beeswax that emits negative ions. These candles burn cleanly and are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, and do not cause allergies. You can think of them as indoor air purifiers that also produce a warm glow in your room and they also smell divine. 

WOW Pick for January 2017

3.Working with essential oils: One of the best ways to raise the vibrational frequency around you is to infuse the air with essential oils. This can be done with a diffuser, a cloth or tissue, hot water, a vaporizer or humidifier, or a fan or vent. One of the easiest ways to disperse oil in the air for inhalation is to use an aroma diffuser. A cool-air diffuser is recommended rather than a diffuser that uses heat, such as a light-bulb ring, because heat alters the chemical constituents of the oil, reducing its therapeutic properties.  


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