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WOW Pick for September 2020
A Guide to Alzheimer's and Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are two conditions that affect a person’s memory and ability to function in daily life. Although the conditions have some shared symptoms, each can affect the brain in different ways.  This article is one of the most comprehensive and easy to understand breakdown of the different types, symptoms and some possible causes.

This is a  must read if you have ever worried about yourself or a loved one, especially if you already have a form of this disease in your family. We felt since it was World Alzheimer’s Month it was good to bring attention to this downloadable and printable valuable resource.

tWhat you need to know and what new research says is now at your fingertips. Thank you to Julie Schumer and TOP REHABS

Goodbye is Not Forever Song & Video by Libby Allen

This  year  has  been  such a  heavy hearted one with so many more losses of loved ones with the pandemic... and it seems... its not over yet.

When we started to celebrate WOW Gal Angels in 2015 we found this beautiful song  representing what  we  want  to  believe  about  what  they  will experience on the other side and even now when we listen to it yet again we feel as if we are being touched by our loved ones. It gives us comfort.

Our hearts  go out  to ALL those who have or will lose  a  loved  one  this  year  no  matter  the how. Especially  with not being able  to feel the closure that an immediate funeral, wake or Celebration of Life ceremony can bring...

WOW Pick for August 2020

If this gives you a moments peace please listen to it often and let Libby know that it or any of her videos helped you for even a moment during your time of unbearable grief...

WOW Pick for July 2020

Girls Garage Book & Programs by Emily Pilloton
Oh, how I wish this organization and book had been around when I was a young adult. Much of what I did learn about any of what has always considered a man’s work I had to learn by observing the males in my life or by being their helper. As usual… it seldom sticks as well from just watching. The power is in doing so what I have learned has come from the need to know when I had my very own home. 

True, there is much more learning videos now yet how I would have loved to work along my sisters to build something… as these girls do. Thank YOU Emily for your AMAZING fortitude to not just dream about what could be but to put it into action and serve so many.      

With Covid-19 making some of the in-person learning put on the back burner for now we at Women of Worth Magazine wanted to remind our visitors of a worthy cause to support to ensure the continuation post pandemic. Until then a little more about  Emily’s book:

To Remake the World, Give Girls All the (Power) Tools

In an op-ed published by Fast Company, Emily Pilloton writes about how to equip girls in order to build power and voice and to change the authorship of our physical world. The article begins with a description of Emily’s personal path to building, before expanding to the state of trades, construction, and STEM, and onto a case for how learning to build can fundamentally alter our lives forever. Bolstered by accounts from teen participants in Girls Garage programs, a carpenter/educator, and an architecture and design writer, Emily shows how to give girls the literal, mental, and spiritual tools they need to build a better world. Read full article: 

Visit Girls Garage to find out about the many programs being offered young women and introduce them to the ability to Remake their own World by Fearing Less and Building More in this way. 

An indispensable guide to building things, fixing things, and being a better, bolder version of yourself. If you’ve ever wondered how to change a tire, fix a running toilet, construct a birdhouse, or just feel a little braver in your own skin, this is the book for you. It’s accessible, inspirational, and actionable—and will help you understand why so many girls have benefitted so much from Emily Pilloton and her mission to get us all fearing less and building more. 

Melinda Gates, Philanthropist and Author of The Moment of Lift 

Challenge of Corona (Covid-19) Poem by Sister Maud Murphy

What an insightful glimpse into how we as a humanity have gotten out of balance to the degree that the universe needed to wake us up to what is truly important. Mother Nature's efforts came first and continue too.

So many wonderful acts of kindness have come from the haves to the "new" have nots who now have the opportunity to do things differently in the future. Being human... some of us will...some of us won't.

We were flying to the Moon
We were finding life on Mars 
We were dropping bombs with drones
We were getting bigger cars.

We were building finer homes
Flying out to warmer lands
We were busy buying clothes
We were brushing up our tans.

We were throwing out good food
While we watched the starving poor
We kept burning fossil fuels
And our air became less pure....   

WOW Pick for June 2020
Last 2 Verses...
Could it be that this Corona 
Is a blessing in disguise? 
Makes us think about our lifestyle 
Makes us open wide our eyes.
So Corona, thanks for coming 
Truth to tell, we needed you
But don't overstay your welcome 
That, alas, would never do!

WOW Pick for May 2020
You Belong by Rachel Patton

Happy Mother's Day!!!

A fitting song for all Mothers who remember being pregnant with their first child, every child.

The bond that grows each day as we start to realize that this is a little person inside you and begin to realize ...

"I don't know your name
But I can't wait to say it
And I don't know your face
But I know it will blow me away
I'm feeling and watching you grow everyday
It's so amazing, so why am I afraid?"

Yes the anticipation is mixed with the fear of the life your baby will experience and how you may or may not be the perfect Mom.

And you want so much more for this child than you had, were, could ever be...

"I wanna help you be better than me
There won't be a star in the sky you can't reach
I'll wipe off your tears, but I'll let them fall first
And I will be brave when you fall and get hurt
You can be you, you don't have to be strong
'Cause you belong, you belong"

With the Covid-19 preventing us from what once was normal the Mother Child bond has the opportunity to be both excruciating for those losing their Moms and AMAZING for those who have more close quality time together. Either way we hope the memories your have and the ones you are making today will comfort you in this time.


GLAMOUR Asks Major Questions: Interesting...

WOW Pick for April 2020

We were delighted to find these 2 Eye opening, honest and  entertaining Videos created by Glamour in which:

Women (70 men between the ages of 5 to 75) once put down, called names for and told it's not "Lady-like to show anger as asked  "What makes you lose your temper?" Find out what it takes to make their blood boil. 

Men (70 men between the ages of 5 to 75) once made t feel to cry was a sign of weakness , even emasculating are asked "What makes you cry?" Whether it's a tear-jerking romantic movie or a beautiful moment between a dog and its owner, find out which guys cry and who are forever dry-eyed!

We find it wonderful that we, as people are balancing out and able to accept and own all our emotions. Enjoy!

WOW Pick for March 2020

Take Three Girls by Fiona Wood, Simmone Howell & Cath Crowley

In honour of International Women's Day we have chosen the Book & Series Take Three Girls 

Take Three Girls is bold, feminist and a lot of fun. Three girls from three different cliques are thrown together because of the length of their thumbs. What they also have in common is that they are all targeted by an online platform spreading gossip and nastiness. What follows is the girls taking things into their own hands when their Year 10 Wellness program doesn’t cut it forging an unlikely friendship as they go.

This is one of those delicious novels that proves the YA is not just for teens. That being said this is a must read for young teen girls. High school is hard and armour is required and Take Three Girls lays out the tools for young women to fashion the armour for themselves. On top of that is a great, kick-ass nostalgic read for adult women, not to mention online bullying certainly isn’t limited to teens, as adults we also can face bullying across social media.
On top of that is a great, kick-ass nostalgic read for adult women, not to mention online bullying certainly isn’t limited to teens, as adults we also can face bullying across social media.

This novel tackles the serious issues that affect our teens of today. Not only the bullying and traps of social media but pressure from parents, from friends and sadly, for young women, there is still misogyny to tackle. The characters in this novel are perfection.

Little Women 2019 Greta Gerwig's Version

WOW Pick for February 2020

We at WOW decided we couldn't do a better review than have been done already yet wanted to feature this AMAZING movie! Grace's review takes awhile to get into the review but is excellent overall.

We felt these parents are even better judges than some paid critics. you be the judge.

Great story for young girls - still.
Greta Gerwig’s retelling of Little Women is beautiful. Costumes, storytelling, message, all great. I took my daughter and her friend, both 8, and they enjoyed the film immensely. My daughter cried when Jo found out Beth died. The storytelling, with flashbacks, was a bit much for them to follow but they didn’t need to ask questions to keep up. I wasn’t sure I’d like the newest version, growing up with the Winona Ryder version, but it was more than I’d hoped for and I’m glad I saw it with my daughter after all. Written byhallhaus 
Clean Family Friendly Happy-Ending 5+stars
For anyone who comes from a large family and/or with lots of sisters, know how much fun it is- drama- but heart, will love this film. The story is done so well, showing snippets of each girl's character and story, and weaving it to make you love the film. The film flashes back and forth, from present to past, yet it makes the story interesting and not flat. Part of Review  Written by Rahma2

Clean Family Friendly Enjoyable!!!! 
In an era with so much inappropriate and disgusting messages in the movie industry, this movie is an absolute treat for me and my family! Clean--no swearing. No blood or gory violence. No sex references or scenes on any gender. The sophistication and level of beauty of a well-written and well-acted movie is a wonderful change. I encourage those to watch it if you are tired of horrible messages in movies. The only thing is the flashbacks may be hard to keep up, just be aware of filters and other indications of the timeline of the movie to notice if it in the past or present. But found the timeline very necessary and suspenseful. Lovely movie for me and my family and can't recommend it enough. :):) Written by Joya Baaghil

Other reviews you may wish to read: Commensense Media, IGN Review.

Body Love Everyday by Kelly LeVeque  

With many New Years Resolutions being to find balance in their lives and even lose a few pounds it is a perfect time for this book to debut. 

Say goodbye to cravings and food drama and experience more balance and joy every day with this structured yet flexible 30-day plan based on Kelly LeVeque's bestselling Body Love, including 16 pages of color photos and filled with delicious, easy recipes, invaluable advice, and inspiration for daily living.

In Body Love, Kelly LeVeque shared her popular science-based “it's-not-a-diet" approach to clean eating, weight loss, and wellness, centered on the Fab Four—protein, fat, fiber, and greens. As Kelly (and modern science) has shown, eating the Fab Four balances blood sugar, helps you eat and feel full, and naturally turns off your hunger hormones.

WOW Pick for January 2020

Now, Kelly is back with exactly what her fans want:  an action plan for adopting the  Fab Four lifestyle. Kelly knows that women aren't all alike. To address their different needs, she has created comprehensive 30-day plans for four different kind of archetypes: Red Carpet Ready, Girl on the Go, The Domestic Goddess, The Plant-Based Devotee.

Whether you're one or a combination of these archetypes, Body Love Every Day provides a plan to help you achieve natural wellness for the body, mind, and soul. You'll find food and nutrition information for every meal, exercise and movement for every day, stress management and energy recharge for nights and weekends, and emotional support to get you through the inevitable tough times. If you're looking to live healthier or drop a jean size, boost your fitness or just feel better, Body Love Every Day is your guide to success. Resource: Harper Collins

WOW Pick for December 2019

Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shen

What a delightful gift for women ages 12 and up. While most adult women have had glimpses of a few of these women… they are many here that will both surprise and amaze us to read about for the first time. Here a few more reviews you may wish to delve into as we felt as they did about this book.

Bad Girls Throughout History is a nonfiction book that is both educational and inspiring. It tells the stories of women we already knew of and the women who we brushed off.  It tells us just how great of an impact that women have had on aspects of modern culture, with their contributions to science, art, literature, politics, and war combat.  Both young girls and grown women will gain something from this book, as they will find a role model in someone who looks just like them. Lune Magazine

Throughout History tells the story of amazing women who broke the social shackles and played their roles in changing the world for the better. Ann Shen shows women can play great roles in history only after going against the prevailing social norms. The women who changed this world were considered bad by their contemporaries. Amazon

The 100 revolutionary women highlighted in this gorgeously illustrated book were bad in the best sense of the word: they challenged the status quo and changed the rules for all who followed. Books in my Baggage
This book fills the void of the bad girls throughout history who defied boundaries and social conventions of their time. As the introduction states, “This is a book about girls who had a ton of fear and personal flaws and faced insurmountable obstacles but did amazing things anyway.” Here Wee Read 

We give this our stamp of approval as a gift for any woman, young adult to senior this Christmas!

Praying by Kesha

Don't be put off by the bruises you see on the face of the woman or let it stop you from listening to this song of strength, of taking back her power in spite of what she has endured.

At first praying to die to escape the part of her journey from which she can see no out, she then gains the needed inner strength to do just that.

In our view, we feel this song should be the anthem of all shelters for abused women, maybe played while they are sleeping to plant the words, 
"Well, you almost had me fooled
Told me that I was nothing without you
Oh, but after everything you've done
I can thank you for how strong I have become
WOW Pick for November 2019

In Kesha's own Tweet, "“it felt like an emotional raw victory for myself, one step closer to healing. I never could have known what would've happened these past few years.” “i just want to say that i needed this song in a very real way, and if you need it i hope this song finds you.”

Praying is just one of the songs on the album called Rainbow. In this article she takes us behind each song on this album and can be read more here

WOW Pick for October 2019

The Honeycake Book Series by Meadea Kalantar

We at Women of Worth Magazine love this first book in the Honeycake series called A Family of Spice

In this book children are taught about how the many different ingredients (and people) can be brought together to make an AMAZING cake (world). 

So simply put yet so impactful and very needed today as many extremists are connecting and influencing our youth with their narrow versions of what an ideal world would look like to them.

LOVE THE MESSAGE! WE ARE ONE! “Absolutely love the concept of this  book. Growing  up,   I  was  always  asked  "what are you"?   People 
wanted to know if I was "white" "brown" "mixed" etc. At the end of the day, I am who I am and loved that I was a mix of different cultures. It should be talked about and celebrated more often :) I can't wait to read these books to my child. Thank you for this blessing!” Devoted Fan, Shazness Wellness

This is a truly delightfully meaningful book  that  would make a WONDERFUL Christmas, birthday or any day gift for your child or grandchild.

We recommend it be part of school libraries ASAP.

View  this  interview  with  the  author to find out more about its conception,  the author and the books still to come. Help I Swallowed a Butterfly is available now.

The Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND

A Miracle??? Could a simple mineral truly deliver such a promise to discover the missing link to total health?

In "The Magnesium Miracle - by Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D." she states and I quote, "80% of our population is deficient in magnesium's absolute necessity for the proper functioning of 700-800 enzyme systems in the body."

I read the 65 conditions associated with Magnesium deficiency in Part 1 of this book. The long list of ailments of which many I personally suffered, there were 3 that gave me a wake-up yell, the HEART, OSTEOPOROSIS and LEG CRAMPS.

What did I have to lose? It is not a drug, rather a long-lost nutrient not replenished in our farming soil.  Plus, we have a 'fail-safe mechanism in our body that eliminates excess when we become saturated. Her 8 oz bottle of picometer, stabilized ionic, non-laxative liquid magnesium, 100% absorbable at the cellular level arrives.I slowly introduce it into my depleted body daily, as suggested.

Amazingly in the 1st week my foggy-zombie brain clears, and nightly leg cramps reduce. Four months now and realizing wonderful further wellness. My heart palpitations have dropped 1.5% since last recording. WOW, could a return to good heath be just this simple?

The book guides to "100 Factors Related to Magnesium Deficiency" and extensive research on this miracle mineral's essential circulation in our body. Bonus surprises, weight loss, more energy and visual signs of a return to youthfulness

WOW Pick for September 2019

So grateful for the timely guidance that lead me to read this book by the superbly anointed, 'doctor of the future'. Without hesitation I recommend this book to all who desire a total body reset.

Reviewed by WOW Gal Gloria Messenger, The Angel Messenger

WOW Pick for August 2019

Skin Brushing Instruction Video by Robyn Openshaw

How often have you purchased an item that was said to help heal your body in some way and got very little help or instructions on how to use it properly?

That happened to me recently when I had a health concern about my Lymphatic system. I had heard about skin brushing more for removing dead skin to get to the healthier skin underneath and then a friend mentioned skin brushing.

Off I went to the local Natural Health Store where I got a VERY brief demo on the leg area only, purchased my brush and proceeded to practically brush my legs raw. Of course, this meant having to stop for them to heal so away it went to join many of the other items I had such high hopes for in the past.

Then, just when I was thinking I should try again, I received an email from one of the sites I had signed up for containing access to not only the Instructional Video I have posted here but also a printable or laminated Brushing Directions Sheet (the latter comes with the purchase of a brush).

I did a brushing right away and not only did I feel empowered by this new knowledge I look forward to doing it each day because it not only makes sense it IS actually easier than I made it on my own. Try it! I am doing it for the Lymph drainage benefits! Less cellulite and healthier looking skin will be bonuses!

Life will be the Death of Me  by Chelsea Handler 

Never one to mince words or her opinions Chelsea actually softens her approach about without losing her humorous way of expressing her angst, etc.

Excerpt from this book: "No kids, no husband, no responsibilities—just a TV show on Netflix and whatever else I felt like doing, whenever I felt like doing it. Not trapped, not stuck, not dependent on a single person but myself—free to be you and me. I couldn’t believe how lucky my life had turned out, how many of my dreams had come true, and also my good fortune in being alive during this time in history—the year we were going to elect our first female president.

She tells us, "It's a book she started writing after undergoing therapy to deal with President Donald Trump's election and finally coming to terms with the grief she was too young to process when her oldest brother, Chet, died on a trip to the Grand Tetons after promising the little sister who adored him he'd be home soon. I was 9 at the time and felt betrayed when he never returned.

"It's about going to therapy and the things I discovered about all the times you think you’re making progress and you screw up. It’s a lot about the grief I had not visited 
WOW Pick for July 2019
about my childhood, that I thought I could get through my life without having to deal with. And it’s about that kind of thing sneaking up on me after the election and finally feeling like, for the first time, I had to sit down and talk to somebody.'

If you get the chance to stop by one of her Comedy Book Tour locations to hear a reading they are sure to be a HOOT!

WOW Pick for June 2019

Be That Person by Rachel Farnsworth.

I stumbled upon this video while setting up the Women of Worth Magazine Notice on Linkedin and couldn't stop viewing it once I started.

In today's world people are constantly insulting other people almost as if it's their right to point out any little thing they think might hurt the person's feelings or "put them in their place".

What started out as a heartfelt response to a hurtful criticism (It all began with a viewer’s comment about her hair: “You look like you’re 70 with your gray hairs. You really should consider dyeing them for TV so you don’t look like such an old hag.”)
brought viewers to tears then turned into a recipe on how to FEEL GOOD about yourself. It has been viewed and loved by millions since.
We are so proud of you Rachel Farnsworth, The Stay at Home Chef  for letting the world know that while it's not okay to insult others it is up to us to let them know we are stronger than the perpetrator simply by staying in our power in our response.

Conservation VS Eye Health. How Much do You know?

While we at Women of Worth Magazine lean towards reviewing only items created or written by women… this was just too important to dismiss because it was first brought to our attention via a man. (Dr Robert Hanson) As women are gaining more and more political power we felt this topic well worth investigating further for the sake of future generations.

How many of you, as we have, find it increasingly difficult to focus clearly after passing a car with LED lights?  Well there is a very good reason for that. According to Dr. Stephanie Kirschbaum, Dr Hanson
Professor John Marshall Professor of Ophthalmology, aout the increase of Macular Degeneration cases,  Dr Mercola and too many to name, it takes our eyes up to 30 seconds to have full vision again after passing a car with LED headlights directed at us. And glancing to the opposite side of the road as we first learned for driving at night on a 2 lane highway isn’t as effective anymore.

The American Medical Association warns us that. “The new ‘white’ LED street lighting which is rapidly being retrofitted in cities throughout the country has 2 problems: The first is discomfort and glare. Because LED light is so concentrated and has high blue content, it can cause severe glare, resulting in pupilary constriction in the eyes. Blue light scatters more in the human eye than the longer wavelengths of yellow and red, and sufficient levels can damage the retina. This can cause problems seeing clearly for safe driving or walking at night.

You can sense this easily if you look directly into one of the control lights on your new washing machine or other appliance: it is very difficult to do because it hurts. Street lighting can have this same effect, especially if its blue content is high and there is not appropriate shielding.”

While some manufacturers of technology are making it possible to turn down the blue light on our phones and laptops, will that be enough? What can we do about the headlights? Maybe it’s time to investigate as a whole before it’s too late. It is already impossible to go just return to incandescent bulbs, which Dr. Hanson attests actually benefited our health and our homes, even if we wanted to as it is illegal to make or import the. and most of us have already tossed them out completely.

WOW Pick for May 2019

If we can’t go back…we definitely may need to find a better way of moving forward for both our planet and all individuals that live on it.

WOW Pick for April 2019

POTAWAY by Valerie de Moore

POTAWAY is a miracle product I have been praying for. Originally created to eliminate the strong scent and fumes of our newly legalized recreational pot it is the answer to the prayers off everyone who has sensitivities to strong scents/odours

Even more AMAZING is that not only was it produced in my city, it was developed by a woman, Valerie de Moore! With barely time to stack the shelves it is quickly being snatched up to use in Nursing homes and other facilities for both scent removal and bacterial control. Made from restructured water and salt it leaves NO cover-up scent behind like all many who say they are fragrance free simply because they didn’t add any to the already natural scents in their product. You can even use it via a diffuser to remove smoke and other pesky house hold smells as well as in rooms filled with sports gear.
Valerie previously owned a successful business for many years in Interior Decorating & Design but decided in 2013 to move into the second phase 

of her life by learning everything she could about health. She asked herself… what is it that everyone needs and can never be without or they would die. The answer was Air & Water. With no idea on where this was going to lead her, she set out to discover so much information that without knowing, lead to creating PotAway which involves both Air & Water.
Its been a whirlwind and an exciting process developing this product and it’s growing super fast. You can order online or keep an eye on her Event Page to know where she and PotaWay will be and Valerie invites you to bring any smells with you!

Trust by Destiny Blue

When I first saw this beautiful artwork by Destiny Blue called Trust I LOVED it immediately. While it is done in some of my favourite colours there was so much more that touched my heart. One of our most important life lessons is not only about the trust of others it is even more imperative that we learn to trust ourselves, our choices, our limits.

What I see here is that we all have the key to our tender hearts and only need to trust when and to whom to use it. I highly recommend you take a look at the many AMAZING artworks this beautiful woman has prolifically created for us out of both her highs and lows of mental health issues. 

In fact, in January 2019 Destiny found herself going through a low that has had her hospitalized and is in need of being able to afford quality mental health care to help her see the value of her being here with us as much as we do. If you would like to do so you can visit her Go Fund Me Page.  When you read the info there you will  to decide to donate or not.

View the review of her work by Kelsey Borresen or purchase her work at DeviantArt. Destiny has a lot more to share with us, don’t you think?

WOW Pick for March 2019

WOW Pick for February 2019

There is much more to this book, which is not a political memoir.
Becoming by Michelle Obama

“Becoming” is a warm, intimate coming-of-age story of a strong-minded girl who grew up to become one of the most powerful and influential women in the country. It is filled with determination, love of family and many subtle and not-so-subtle lessons about being female, black, and black and female in America.

She talks openly about things that many people are uncomfortable discussing. (Race! It is so hard, still, to talk about race.) She writes about what it feels like to be the only black person in a room filled with white people. (At Princeton, she says, she and the few other African-American students were “poppy seeds in a bowl of rice.”)

She writes about how, as a black person, she knows she has to work harder and be better prepared than her white colleagues. She writes about how her high school counselor told her she wasn’t Princeton material, and how that dismissal (“she was telling me to lower my sights”) only made her more resolute to get into the Ivy League.

She also writes about the importance of strong women in her life — not just her mother and teachers, but mentors and friends. She writes about problems in her marriage — her difficulties getting pregnant, her fights and frustrations with Barack and how they needed counseling to work things out.

The most interesting part of the book is the first half, about growing up in Chicago. Michelle, her brother and their parents lived in the top half of a duplex owned by her 

mother’s aunt Robbie, a piano teacher. Michelle’s father had hoped at one time to become an artist, but without money for college (and “no model of what that sort of life looked like”), he joined the Army, then took a job tending the boilers at the city water plant. He developed MS while still a young man and died at 55.

While it’s clear they had little money, she never describes her childhood as underprivileged. Instead, she tells stories and lets readers draw their own conclusions. For instance, as a child she took piano lessons on Robbie’s old piano, and she grew to recognize middle C because of a crack in the ivory. But when she gave her first recital — on a baby grand piano at Roosevelt University — she was briefly lost. All the keys were perfect. How would she know where to begin?

The second half of the book covers ground most of us have lived through — the political rise of Barack; Michelle’s intense dislike of politics; and the way her life expanded and contracted once he was elected. More interesting than the politics are the details of life in the White House, where she couldn’t even open a window (bullet-resistant and sealed shut for protection) and where sneaky incognito trips to PetSmart and Target make her feel, briefly, free. And by the end of the book, she is, of course, truly free.

At home alone, no more hermetically sealed windows, no more guards, she pads downstairs and makes herself some cheese toast. And then, she muses, she might open a window, “so I could feel the spring air — how glorious that would be.”

I Miss Me More by Kelsea Ballerini 

Lyrically, it’s rhythmic and witty the way she slips catchy phrases that go along to the catchy uptempo of the song. Independently her and not afraid to show it is the best way we can explain the song to someone who’s never heard it. Don’t let heartbreak scare the country superstar away because this is anything but. “Miss Me More” addresses a relationship that has gone awry due to her loves controlling ways.

“I retired my red lipstick ’cause you said you didn’t like it / I didn’t wear my high heeled shoes, ’cause I couldn’t be taller than you,” she sings, listing off her partner’s demands, which has caused her to lose more than herself. After what you think is going to be a list of demands and a song filled with heartbreak, Ballerini switches the narrative and fights for her independence.

“I miss me more / I miss my own beat of my own snare drum / I miss my own sheets in the bed I made up / I forgot I had dreams, I forgot
WOW Pick for January 2019

I had wings / Forgot who I was before I ever kissed you / I thought I’d miss you, but I miss me more,” she sings with dignity in the chorus. It’s a brave, sassy and empowering song that you will want to shout at the top of your lungs more than once.

WOW Pick for December 2018

The Untold Story of the Donut Dollies

I was so excited when I came upon these AMAZING Women of which I knew nothing about until now. The Donut Dollies were American women who volunteered to go to Vietnam on an impossible mission: help the troops forget about the war. Let’s not forget about their role over this holiday season. 

In this video Gordan Sparks video glimpse HONORS these Women who helped bring a smile and a little bit of home to many of an American Veteran in the Vietnam War. These Women should be given Their Rightful Due for Their Service for Their Country. And The 5 Dollie's that were killed in Vietnam should be on "The Vietnam Wall". Gordon Parks is making this a Mission to Make that Happen. THEY MADE A DIFFERENCE. SALUTE LADIES and THANK YOU. Music...."She's A Lady" by Tom Jones "Lady" by The Little River Band  

Armed with nothing but cookies and home-made entertainment programs, the Donut Dollies risked their lives every day as they tried to fulfill their mission and cheer up the US troops. Despite their service and sacrifice, their stories and contributions in Vietnam have gone largely unnoticed and unappreciated.

Mark Jonathan Harris, three-time Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker and Documentarian, along with Norm Anderson, whose Mom was a Donut Dollieare hoping this more in-depth project will change that. View the trailer here and visit their website to find out about its debut.  We are waiting excitedly for this honouring of many WOW Gals & WOW Gal Angels!

A Scary Time (for boys) by Lynzy Lab

This is a WOW Song!!! Oct 11 was the International Day of the Girl. The idea of that day was to focus on female leadership to make better lives for girls. The news of the Supreme Court confirmation and a lot of talk about men not knowing what it's like to be a woman, but some men don't totally get it. After Donald Trump said, 'This is a very scary time for young men' and in response to that, a teacher from Texas named Lynzy Lab wrote a great song called 'A Scary Time' and recorded a video of herself singing it. It is very well done. 

In her song, Lab describes some of the many difficulties women face, like being afraid to wear mini skirts, not being able to ride 

WOW Pick for November 2018

public transportation alone after 7pm, and being uncomfortable leaving a drink unattended — but she really does sympathize with all the nervous men out there...

"It's really scary when your name is on the line and any woman you've assaulted could show up any time," Lab sings. "Yeah it sure is a scary time for guys, can't speak to any woman or look her in the eyes. It's so confusing, is it rape or is it just being nice? So inconvenient that you even have to think twice." 

Of course, the song is satirical. If the resistance hashtag didn't already tip you off. 

Lab ends the song with a final verse, pointing out how it is not such a scary time for boys, and encourages women to go out and vote in the midterms: "Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, cause it's not such a scary time for boys, they've always had the upper hand, they've always had a choice. It's time for women to rise up, use our collective voice, the day to vote is November sixth, so let's make some noise.Review by AMANDA LUZ HENNING SANTIAGO 

WOW Pick for October 2018

When I Hit You by Meena Kandasamy 

When I Hit You is an achingly beautiful and raw piece of work. The tale of a woman in love and proving a point who marries an attractive and persuasive professor. She is whisked away to live with him in his small costal town where the walls slowly start to close in one her as he becomes increasingly abusive and bullying. Told to stay put by her parents and work it out we watch as our narrator starts to fight back but will she survive it?

The prose in When I Hit You us delectable perfection, which made all the more sense when I discovered that the author is a poetess. Despite being written by a poet When I Hit You is not overwritten. Visceral and hard hitting there will be times you need to put it down for a few moments and walk away and yet it is difficult to put down and even harder to forget. There are moments of profound beauty and moments of utter horror. This is a novel that everyone can read and take something from it.

I found myself photographing endless passages that capture the essence of life, both the good times and he bad. From love to hate and everything in between. This is a book of life and a worthy inclusion of the Women’s Prize shortlist. A must read in my books I would urge each and everyone to read this important and timely novel. Gleaned from crazybookladyreviews 

A Woman's Purse is a Mysterious Thing

This video is hilarious albeit a bit too short for my liking… or my purse contents. Unlike the woman in this video…I have a much harder time finding the exact item I am looking for. Often, I will lament the need for a computerized purse that would bring the item desired to the top just by pushing a button or asking Alexa to make it happen. It seems every time I organize things some gremlin comes along and rearranges it and the hunt is on!

Other testimonials to Past Present and Future Purse contents
Holly Fisher: LOL~The wine and ice cream...This is totally me, with keeping every, single receipt under the sun.  Plus, being a Nana, now, add in the toys, sippy cups, fruit snacks, and coloring crayons!!
WOW Pick for September 2018

Wild Things: "Haha when my toe randomly started bleeding my mom pulled out disinfecting wipes tissues and Band-Aids, then socks so it would be protected! It's amazing!"

Kevin Madzima: "My mom legit pulled out some grapes from her bag out of nowhere one day I said I was hungry. She also occasionally just pulls out medicine, mints, etc. for my dad. WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?"

MollyMac 444: "My great grandmother used to have a doll house kitchen sink in her purse because everyone used to tell her “you have everything but the kitchen sink in here!”

Manic Mama Hippo:"This was my Mama's purse and somehow has become my purse as well! My boy's joke all the time that I am a walking pharmacy!"

Scarlett Luu: "It's a literal void filled with everything but only the purses owner can find things!"

that girl in okc: "yes! This is my purse! The variety of pain relievers, including the discontinued one! I also carry snacks, bottled water and a full manicure set... just in case"

Carla Mautz: Yasssssss. "Except one thing - no man would ever dare go into a woman’s purse. They would bring it to you and make you get whatever they need." 

WOW Pick for August 2018
When Your Past is Hurting Your Present by Sue Augustine

In my work I am surrounded by AMAZING women who have overcome so many obstacles in various areas of their lives. All of them, as well as myself recognizing the moments we cycle backward when a new trigger comes out of the blue and how, sometimes for days we feel like we haven’t moved past the past at all.

An anonymous quote in this book speaks to how the past can eat us alive: “It is not the experience of today that drives us mad; it is the remorse and bitterness of something which happened yesterday.” Some of us out there may still be stuck in rehashing old hurtful moments longer than we want to be and would benefit most from this book. 

Whenever that occurs in my life I revisit this resource that helped me get beyond this and keeps me moving forward even today. It is well worn and “highly” highlighted and full of notes, Ah-has and OMGs!  Most of all it reminds me of how far I have come which on review has been AMAZING too.

I highly recommend both this and the author’s first book, With Wings…There are No Barriers as books of guidance and inspiration for every woman’s personal library. Both can be read quickly and /or on a daily basis until you re-establish your life’s balance. 

This book has a chapter on “Building Foundations Day by Day” which includes Plan Balances for your body, your soul and your spirit. “The past cannot be changed…the future can be anything you want it to be.” This book will help to make that transition. 
Review by WOWMagazine Founder, C Shannon

Mother Nature is Standing By by Carolyn Shannon

When I took the photo at right during a walk a couple of years ago I never really knew what it meant to me until this year. The year that higher ups have decided that Global Warming doesn't exist and are on a mission to  drag us backwards after so much progress has been made. (mind you not as much as we need)

Then Searching the web one day I landed on this page (330 Hearts in Nature on Pinterest I literally heard a voice screaming out, 'PLEASE See my Heart Humans!"  They convinced me yet again that Nature has a heart "beating" within each and every part of it and thrives on LOVE and appreciation same as we do.

While they are quite capable of flourishing as well as experiencing death via the life cycle Mother Nature provides, we also need to nourish and honour them via respect of this natural flow for if we are to survive we will need them and all the gifts they bring.. Always keep in mind that Mother Nature can wipe out much of technology in a matter of minutes and is standing by to see if we will work with her or against her in the future.

What will they give us in return? Look at these AMAZING photos to find out. 

WOW Pick for July 2018

WOW Pick for June 2018

Awaken Your Spirit: Reconnecting to Your Source by WOW Gal Marcella Billings

It seems every day now we are hearing of many children dying of gun violence, accidents and illness long before their parents and grandparents. This if such a horrific experience for families, especially Mothers to experience.

In this Book, a Mother takes you through her healing process after losing her son to Leukemia. Marcella and her husband seemed to be leading a perfect life, made more complete with two wonderful boys-until their eldest son, David, was diagnosed with leukemia dying at the age of 10 after enduring 2 years of pain and treatment.. 

Marcella was left heartbroken and with her faith in God shattered. After years of seeking answers and inner-peace, She reveals how it was only after she decided to release her pain and move forward that she was finally able to reconnect to her soul and return to the essence of life. 

In her uplifting spiritual guide inspired by David's teachings, Marcella details her poignant healing journey as she was guided to rediscover God's ever-present love, the truth of eternal life, and ultimately, enlightenment and peace.
Also included are simple tools and practical advice that will help others awaken their own spirits and learn to live fully again. In this spiritual guide, a mother shares a story of love, truth, and hope as she moved from the darkness of grief into the light of a new destiny..

The loss of a child can be devastating yet through healing our grief can we begin to evolve in to a space of gratitude that this BEAUTIFUL soul picked us to spend their short time on earth with. Then we can truly celebrate their life rather than only focusing on their death, we can find peace.. 

Beautiful Child by Pauley Perette

After reading the reviews on this song by Pauley Perrette, better known As Abby on NCIS, I had to hear it myself. Everything that was said in those reviews are absolutely true. One can not help but be moved by it. This song gave me goosebumps as I became caught up in both the melody and words and intensified with each moment of listening! WOW!!!  It is simply beautiful and needs to be heard by both parents and children throughout the world. 

Originally written for a friend who had lost her brother and raise funds for the Trevor Project dedicated to suicide prevention amongst LGBT children, being a High School teacher for 20 years, I know there are many other suicidal teens who need to hear this powerful  message. Especially, “Don't hide away. You're light inside needs to shine. Don't go away. You know you've got so much to say.”
WOW Pick for May 2018

Youtube comments: 
“This made me cry. I hope someone out there hears this song and gains strength from it. It hurts me so much to think that there are people out there who feel as lost, useless, and insignificant as I did a few years ago when I attempted. I guess I should say I'm better now, although I'm still struggling with myself, but in the past few years since my last attempt I've met so many incredible supportive people whom I wouldn't have met if I'd died back then. Things can change”

“I realize this was written in support of LGBT, but i would like to say this an amazing song for anyone who is going through rough times and needs to know they are loved.”

Listen with open ears & heart! Women of Worth Magazine consider this especially WOW Worthy!

WOW Pick for April 2018

Women Who Love Too Much by Robin Norwood

This timeless book is suitable for the reader for whom being in love means being in pain. Therapist Robin Norwood describes loving too much as a pattern of thoughts and behaviour which certain women develop as a response to problems from childhood. Throughout the years it has provided thousands of women all over the world to take a serious look at their abusive relationships and ultimately leave. 

Some of the comments have been: “this book allowed me to realize what I personally was(is) doing wrong in relationships”; “Very insightful book. I appreciated the ideas that you cannot change your partner, you only can change yourself”; “It's the biggest wake up call you'll ever get”. That being said… As long as we believe that if we are better women we can earn LOVE, this book will always be important.

     And Now on a Lighter Note....

Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much by Allia Zobel Nolan, Cartoons by Nicole Hollander
This adorable and “hiss-terical” book is for every woman who can just never get enough of that sweet little pink nose, those round green eyes and the whiskers that go on for days. As the author says, "I'm sure that some people think what I do for my cats is "over-the-top," but I strongly believe that when we are so blessed to have a cat choose us for their companion, it is our duty to spoil them and make them as happy and comfortable as possible for as long as they are with us.  If you're a cat lover, you will love Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much

Wedding Songs & Videos by T Carter Music

A Mother's Song is the one featured here but this is a website that has so much to offer all soon to be married.The perfect mother son wedding dance song!

Only one of many beautiful wedding options available for any woman’s wedding. New wedding dance songs for the father daughter dance, mother son dance, first dance, and much more! Classical, Celtic, and Acoustic Guitar wedding ceremony songs! Prelude, processional, recessional, and special ceremony songs. Available in CD, Mp3, or sheet music format.

The finest in New Wedding Music! While most couples have a song that resonates with them more than others these are well worth including throughout the reception for sure. Why reinvent the wheel when this is an AMAZING option available to you.

WOW Pick for March 2018

WOW Pick for February 2018
8 Colours of Prosperity by WOW Gal Moira Bush

This is the Ultimate Guide to turn your Debt Devils into Love Angels I was pleasantly surprised by the Introduction to this book. Moira’s explanation and insight into the Millennial Business Revolution is spot on. It’s clarification of this changing world and the new approach needed by today’s Entrepreneurial Businesses is essential for us all.
From there, she helps you identify the language of then ways of changing your “Debt Devil’s into “Love Angels”. Using the principles of Colours of Prosperity and the Law of Attraction to do this can only positively influence on your personal life and finances. Working through each of the colours brings AMAZING results!

Moira’s fun way of discovering our authentic ability to discover more about both ourselves and colours keeps you reading until you get your “Aha!” moment! Because life is about cycles you will want to revisit this book each time you even get close to revisiting your “Debt Devil”.
No matter whether you get this book for yourself or an loved one… whoever reads it will be far wiser than before they started. Maybe they will even commit to “Say Yes & Turn Up… No Matter What or Who Presents!

WOW Gal Moria Bush invites you to check out YOUR 2018 Colour Prediction & Pick Up Your Prosperity Book while there!!!

The Great Cosmic Mother by Barbara Mor and Monica Sjoo

In light of what has been happening throughout the world with women disclosing incidents where they have suffered due to power plays by men in authority over them this book bears reading and reviewing... It is a NEW YEAR After All!

I was first introduced to this book at the library one day.  I had been given a few statements by the angels that I couldn’t explain.  I don’t remember how this book landed in my hands and I signed it out.  After a few days I picked it up to read it and after only a few sentences I threw it down because I thought it was a man-basher.  My understanding at that time was ‘primitive’. A few days later I picked it up again and began reading in earnest.  My statements were answered.  I kept reading.  One of the questions I had asked the angels was ‘what is the cause of my suppression?’.  The book continued to answer that question.  I cried through the whole book and said ‘I just wanted to know the reason behind my suppression NOT the suppression of women for the last 25,000 years!’
WOW Pick for January 2018

It begins billions of years ago defining the root of our being to the present.  It is like a circle.  As my Mother would say ‘the beginning dictates the end’.  The microcosm is the macrocosm. The Divine Feminine is inclusive. Truth is right here.  Where you are. Why are you working so hard to get it right?  These are the experiences you are meant to have. 

The Divine Feminine is not rising right now to weaken or undermine the masculine.  She is returning to change the Masculine.  And the Masculine behaves in its way because it feels separate from the Feminine on a very deep level.  He did not want to suppress the Feminine.  He is afraid of Her power because to be open to the Feminine it felt it was losing its power resulting in His ignorance of how to love Her without being Her protector.  The Feminine responds to Him – ‘I just need you to yield your love to me.  I’m a big girl. I don’t need your protection.’ This is not a war.  This is a love affair.  Love always triumphs. She’s back. And everyone is why She is going to be observable.

Alice Walker states: “One of the most important books I’ve ever read.”  After reading this amazing book, about 25 years ago and continuing to refer to these writings, I certainly agree with Ms. Walker. The amazing writers Barbara Mor and Monica Sjoo write about Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth in a concise, elaborate, detailed way that explains our Great Mother. It is a book about women’s HerStory.

Review submitted by WOW Gal Roxsane Rysdae


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