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WOW Pick for June 2017

I Affirming Arts Colouring Book Vol 1 by Create. Build. Inspire. & Heather Richard

Yes Colouring is the new stress reliever and lately the market is flooded with all kinds of similar colouring books. Yet, this really is more than just a coloring book.

It is a coloring activity book designed to help people feel good. All images are carefully hand-drawn using only positive affirmations and words to help inspire, encourage and motivate people to be happier, healthier and follow their dreams. This book includes 15 Affirming Arts™ coloring pages, 6 pages to write your own positive affirmations on, plus drawing pages and instructions on how to make your own Affirming Arts™ Images, so you can create your own personalized images to help you feel empowered to live your life the way you want to. Once you start the active meditation of colouring itself… you begin semi-consciously reading and absorbing statements such as “All is well”, “I have a beautiful mind”, “I create my life.” I am safe.” and many more. Therefore it is a colouring book for all ages, including teenagers who often struggle with a self-concept of being less than in a world that places so much emphasis on what is considered the norm in society. 

The creators of this book designed it to help people positively shift their thinking so they can set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, feel good, build better habits and make great choices for their life. After doing a few of the pages I can attest to the positive state of mind that can be reached with this AMAZING new colouring concept.

Life My Mother Does Sung by Lauren Alaina 

In Celebration of Mother's Day we are happy to share this Future WOW Gal's version of a tribute to her Mom. The video is full of fun memories of Mother and Daughter moments and the song itself reflects appreciation of a role model, teacher, mentor and yes best friend. While it is true that not all of us have this kind of relationship with out Moms, there is always hope that with time anything is possible. 

"I let my temper fly and she can walk away when she's had enough" affirms that love abides despite times of conflict. Celebrate your Mom this month and every day... after all without her you wouldn't have been born. Enjoy this feel good song and video.

Songwriters: Liz Rose / Nikki Williams / Nathan Chapman

WOW Pick for May 2017

WOW Pick for April 2017

"Nameless - A Story of Faith by Tammy Leigh Robinson 

A beautiful yet heart-wrenching story that compels you to read it to the very end. You first meet a thirteen year old girl raised in a traditional Jewish home whose life drastically changes from a very happy one to isolation and shame. With a family that continues to love her and care for her from afar she lives alone for a little over a decade. Then she is told she only has a few days or weeks to live and suddenly, with death hanging over her, she starts to truly live. 

After hearing an Amazing Healer has come to her neighbouring town by her visiting care takers, she is surrounded by Light and Dark Angels. They battle for her soul taking her through extremes of Hope and Doubt; Peace and Fear; Strength and Weakness; Life and Death whether she stays put or ventures out, is caught and stoned. Faith gives her the final courage to go to this man they are calling the Messiah. If she can just reach Him... If she can just touch “the tassels that dangled in front of her”... life would begin anew.

In this book we revisit a familiar time and place we have carried forward for centuries and meet one of the nameless many who was healed by having and holding close a strong FAITH in the power of LOVE, Only Available through TLR Publishing

Tammy Leigh Robinson was our August 2016 WOW Gal Angel Tribute Contributor

"I Married Mr America" by Lindy Tefft 

What's it like behind closed doors with Mr. America?  No holds barred. She tells all!!

Life with a celebrity bodybuilder was far from "perfect" for Lindy TefftFame and riches couldn't ultimately mask a world filled with lies, abuse, and scam artists. Lindy crawled through a tunnel of terror that she thought would never end. Her insightful guidance will inspire others to find hope where there seems to be none. She offers a hand-up to those facing life's toughest obstacles. You don't know how strong you are until strength is your only choice! 

From the beginning of our lives we want to believe we have the perfect families, homes, life. Despite some situations of mental or physical abuse… denial can be the most implemented coping skill developed. 

Early in life women are taught by our fairy tales that we will be rescued by our Prince Charming. These men are always handsome and strong… seemingly perfect. Soon in our teens and then into our womanhood we find ourselves on the quest for our own prince… our own Mr. Perfect. Many times the more handsome the more perfect…or so we think. If not as handsome, than the next best thing is charisma and or charm. Right?

 Well felt Lindy takes you behind the scenes of a family with the "perfect mother" to a place where only pain is felt. Stepping out into her adulthood, she carried what she had learned into her relationships and being married to the "perfect" man wasn't "perfect" at all.  Yet a butterfly has emerged fully grown! A riveting, inspirational true story of personal triumph over impossible odds.

Lindy Tefft was our August 2012 WOW Gal

WOW Pick for March 2017

WOW Pick for Febuary 2017

"Fight Like A Girl" by Kalie Shorr  

Kalie Shorr has been a leader in the fast-rising #LetTheGirlsPlay movement, so it’s fitting she’d write and record a theme song as her new single. In this just-released music video for “Fight Like a Girl,” the Portland, Maine native salutes struggles women fought through a century ago.

Shorr’s contemporary country message of equality was inspired by the very recent struggles women in country music have had. For nearly two years, the Song Suffragettes singer and songwriter round has taken the stage at the Listening Room in Nashville. Shorr’s been there the entire time, leading a response to the dearth of women having success as artists and songwriters. When radio consultant Keith Hill suggested songs by women should only make up a small percentage of radio playlists (#Saladgate), he planted a seed for this fiery country rocker.

“I’m perfume sweet and whiskey strong / I damn sure ain’t no underdog,” Shorr sings during the chorus. “You say I can’t, well darling watch me / You can’t stop me because I fight like a girl.” 

In the video, one sees Shorr alternating between guitar and mandolin as scenes from the movie Suffragette wiz past. The 2015 film stars Carey Mulligan, Anne-Marie Duff and Helena Bonham Carter as leaders of the early feminist movement. It was set in early 20th century England and released in theaters in October. Read More...

     How to Raise the Vibration around You by WOW Gal Dawn James

In this excerpt from this book I was reminded of one of the things I used to do in all my other homes that I haven’t done in my latest one and my allergies have been so much worse. On my way out now to buy English Ivy for my bedroom and Snake Plant for my bathroom. Hope one or more of these will become part of your 2017 if you aren’t doing them already. Lots more inside

Have you ever stopped to think about how healthy your home is?  When was the last time you thought about indoor air quality? Here are my three favorite ways to raise the frequency of the air in my home. These are natural ways to enhance your air quality and enjoy the benefits both physically as well as aesthetically.

These are natural ways to enhance your air quality and enjoy the benefits both physically as well as aesthetically. These suggestions are from my newest book How to Raise the Vibration around You, Volume I, which is available on our website, and online bookstores worldwide

1.Bring nature inside by adding house plants to your home.  Having house plants in your home is a great natural way to keep your air cleaner. Did you know that English Ivy not only removes toxins such as benzene, xylene, toluene and formaldehyde from the air but it also removes mold, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies? 

2.Light cappings beeswax- this is the only beeswax that emits negative ions. These candles burn cleanly and are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, and do not cause allergies. You can think of them as indoor air purifiers that also produce a warm glow in your room and they also smell divine. 

WOW Pick for January 2017

3.Working with essential oils: One of the best ways to raise the vibrational frequency around you is to infuse the air with essential oils. This can be done with a diffuser, a cloth or tissue, hot water, a vaporizer or humidifier, or a fan or vent. One of the easiest ways to disperse oil in the air for inhalation is to use an aroma diffuser. A cool-air diffuser is recommended rather than a diffuser that uses heat, such as a light-bulb ring, because heat alters the chemical constituents of the oil, reducing its therapeutic properties.  

WOW Pick for December 2016

Sustainable Peace Meditation by WOW Gal Karen Curry

Originally created to assist in finding peace within on America’s 2016 Election Day we feel it is also perfect for the Christmas season as well. It is a powerful and beautiful prayer in video form that puts the listening in a peaceful state full of hope for the future we would all like to manifest if not forever, then for a moment, an hour, a day, week or year.

In case your internet connection is slow or unable to view videos here are the words to read aloud. If we all read them at least once over this holiday season we may very well see an energy shift for the better. Sit back.  Relax.  And use the power of your mind to imagine...

A world where everyone is abundant, well-fed and has easy access to clean water.

A world where all people have easy access to integrated health care that supports the full manifestation of their health and vitality.

Where all people feel loved, are empowered, able to make their unique authentic contribution to the world, where we forgive the past and move forward taking only the lessons and the blessings, 

Where we take our direction in life from our spiritual connection, are guided by our desire to contribute to the greater good of humanity and we embrace the many and diverse spiritual paths that we collectively choose to follow

We imagine a world where everyone is safe from war, hatred, discrimination and terror.  Where we see the heart of each other and honor the unique expression of each and every one of us.

Where we are free to choose who and how we love and we embrace the many faces and facets of love.
Where we embody the understanding that "I am because You are and without You, each and every one of you, I would not be who I am."
A world where all children are welcomed, loved and nurtured.  Where all people have free and easy access to education and can follow their dreams and destiny and are celebrated on their unique journey of discovery and mastery.  Where experience is honored and valued and we understand that sometimes wisdom can only come from time so we celebrate our grandfathers and grandmothers.
A world where we use words to uplift, create, empower, love and honor each other.
A world where we live in alignment with nature, assume our place as humble inhabitants and care for our planet and her resources with the deep awareness that each of our individual actions have the capacity to affect all of us.  Where we honor all sentient beings and serve as a steward for this breath-taking and awe-inspiring planet.
We live in a world where our natural state of wonder and connection to our true creative powers is kept alive and celebrated, where everyone honors their unique gifts and knows that each life is a once-in-a-lifetime event.
Where the extremes of life cause us to take rapid and compassionate action for the sake of others.
Where we nurture, love and value ourselves and our own unique contribution to the world.
A world where know that death is inevitable, so we dance with the vulnerability and joy of life, knowing each minute is precious.  And that all manifestations of life are precious.
We see a world of sustainable resources and, consequently, sustainable peace and we hold that vision with faith, confidence and the open awareness that the solutions and manifestations we seek are already on their way.
And we embrace where we are right now, knowing we are exactly where we need to be, enveloped fully in the energy of love, fully present and ready to take the next necessary step to evolve the world.
Amen. Have a glorious day!!! Lovingly Gifted to YOU, Karen (Women of Worth Magazine agrees ”AMEN to THAT!”)

God Made Girls sung by RaeLynn

A light-hearted song that to us reflects a fun reason for God making "Eve" with a much happier, less guilt-ridden ending. It starts out with a teenager’s idealistic concept of why God made girls with,
“Somebody's gotta wear a pretty skirt,
 Somebody's gotta be the one to flirt, 
 Somebody gotta wanna hold his hand so God made girls”. 

Then it has girls helping boys/men to be the best they can be with, 
“Somebody's gotta make 'em get dressed up,
 Somebody's gotta give 'em a reason to wash that truck, 
 Somebody gotta teach 'em how to dance so God made girls.

Followed by what women strive to be, compassionate, loving, beautiful AND strong, 
“He needed something soft and loud and sweet and proud…
 Something beautiful, unbreakable that lights up in the dark,
Somebody's gotta be the one to cry
Somebody's gotta let him drive, give him a reason
To hold that door so God made girls
Somebody's gotta put a fight,
Make him wait on a Saturday night,
To walk downstairs and blow his mind,
So God made girls
Someone that can wake him up and call his bluff
WOW Pick for November 2016

Someone that is hard to handle
Somethin' fragile to hold him when he hurts
So God made girls God made girls he stood back and told the boys I'm bout to rock your world”
WOW! This song makes it FUN to be a GIRL!


WOW Pick for October 2016

The Nearly Girl by WOW Gal Lisa deNikolits
Captured from the first page you are taken on a roller coaster ride of suspense, heartfelt compassion, humor and moments of annoyance for what first appears to be inconsiderate and disrespectful behaviour Amelia’s part. Then you find out she suffers from a genetic imbalance passed down from her father combined with extremist traits of her mom. 

Due to unexpected humour throughout this book you become attached to this woman, her struggles and even begin to see her amazingness. After years of accepting her fate as her cross to bear she begins to enjoy the freedom from life’s responsibilities it gives her…until she can do so no longer…with the threat of financial assistance being cut off. Necessity pushes her to try to take charge of her life and illness with a unique new therapy called DTOT (Do The Opposite Thing). Pretty easy to predict the outcome, right? Not at all!

The fast-paced comical drama & antics of dysfunction within family and “family of choice” (friends/co-counselling buddies) leads into an unexpected turn of events when she and her current boyfriend stumble upon her trusted doctor’s secretive and very dark home life. This puts them both in grave danger and the rest you have to “read to believe”. An ending worth waiting for. Get Your Copy Now

You Gotta Be by Des'ree
Des’ree wrote this song after recovering from a devastating break-up with a romantic partner. She credits the book ‘Creative Visualization’ by Shakti Gawain for helping her recover.  "I've always been blindly optimistic, and that [book] helped me rise from my melancholia," said Des’ree

She is a firm believer in daily affirmations and the power of believing in one’s self. 

Des’ree explains that ‘You Gotta Be’ is “about having the inner strength to figure out who you are, with ‘You Gotta Be’, specifically being born out of me stopping myself and thinking everyday how you gotta be something. You have to be cool and calm in {one} situation and then you have to be bold and strong in another situation”.

She recalls waking up one morning, “with an oddly positive feeling”, and asked her manager to send her demo over to what is now SONY.  Shortly after and 
WOW Pick for September 2016
without any real reputation in the music industry Sony signed her up and her new album was released in 1992.

This talented singer song writer from London has won many major awards in North America, Britain and the world.
Although she is no longer directly involved in the music industry, she is following her passion in naturopathy and is an active member of PETA but, still manages, in her spare time, to write a few songs.

WOW Pick for August 2016
Watch the latest movie trailers on
New Ghostbusters Movie Review by Manohla Dargis
Ghostbusters: Girls Rule. Women Are Funny. Get Over It.

Oh, wait, because whatever else you can say about the new “Ghostbusters,” it’s a lot like the old “Ghostbusters,” except that it stars four funny women instead of, you know, four funny men. In other words, it doesn’t have a lot of XY chromosomes and basso profondo voices, though its token hottie, played by a game, nimbly funny Chris Hemsworth, pulls his weight on both those counts.

No one performance dominates the new “Ghostbusters,” which is for the most part democratically comic (a Paul Feig signature), although Kate McKinnon’s magnificent, eccentric turn comes close.
She plays Holtzmann, the in-house mad-hatter who whips up the ghost-busting hardware (proton packs included) with a crazy leer and page after script page of playful-sounding gobbledygook. Ms. McKinnon makes for a sublime nerd goddess (she brings a dash of the young Jerry Lewis to the role with a glint of Amy Poehler) and, in an earlier age, would probably have been sidelined as a sexy, ditsy secretary. Here, she embodies the new “Ghostbusters” at its best: Girls rule, women are funny, get over it.

Part of what makes “Ghostbusters” enjoyable is that it allows women to be as simply and uncomplicatedly funny as men, though it would have been nice if Ms. Jones had been given more to do. (If this were a radical reboot, she would have played a scientist.) In the end, these are Ghostbusters, not Ghostbusting suffragists, even if there’s plenty of feminism onscreen and off. It’s hard to know if the movie started off being as meta as it now plays, but when these Ghostbusters are labeled frauds — or crack jokes about ugly online comments or take on a fan boy from hell — it sure feels as if Mr. Feig and his team are blowing gleeful raspberries at the project’s early sexist attackers.

 (Excerpts taken from article in New York Times July 10, 2016) Read full article

Colour Me Happy Books by Nancy Broese 
Yes ladies! Colouring is the latest way being able to meditate - actively. So many of us have such busy lives and minds that it is impossible to slow or stop our minds from overthinking even if we find the time to try to zone out!

The GOOD news is that with this type of meditation your mind feels like it is still working while the rest of you relaxes fully. AND YES! It can be done while the TV or Radio is on in a room full of family members just being their normal noisy selves. Once you start the process…you enter a do not disturb zone that allows you to continue stress free even if interrupted during the process. WOW!!!

So with SOOOOOO many out there… which do you chose. Well after much research in this area I like simplicity and have found that most of the new books are too complicated with little space between the lines to fill in with colour and the outlines grayish in tone and often looking blurry. In the end my favourites are the Colour Me Happy Mandala Colouring Books by WOW Gal Nancy Broese who teaches destressing workshops thru art therapy

There are 8 Themed Books to choose from each with a healing component (so your mind has something to work on too) that you can ignite before colouring or not. Either way it is an active meditation once you start so you will definitely FEEL BETTER in the long run.

While I LOVE the printed versions… I also purchased the digital version of the ones I might like to do again and again like the Stress relieving one. Then I print out a copy of the one I resonate with on that particular day. Simply changing the colours used each time can make it a totally different process and outcome.

So… if you want to keep your sanity in this ever changing and somewhat seemingly crazy world… this is the perfect way to Colour YOURSELF HAPPY!

WOW Pick for July 2016

 WOW Pick for June 2016

YOU, ME, WE Poem & Artwork by Carolyn Shannon  

You are you and me, I'm me.

Can we stay this way if we

merge together to create

a couple for whom we can celebrate?

I trust in you and you trust in me.

The time is here to trust that we

can handle each and every thing

life's sense of humour deems to bring.

It's up to you and it's up to me...

how strong our union is to we.

There 'll be laughter and some tears

and many real and imagined fears.

So...we solemnly swear that...

I'll talk to you and you'll talk to me

when crucial moments threaten we.

To maintain balance in all we share.

To live a life that is loving and fair.

To you...  To me...  To WE...

This simplistic poem exemplifies how a relationship can be when both involved (male & female / female & female / male & male) let go of the constant need for their partner to bend to or see things "their way".  Any one of these aspects in extreme at all times can lead to loss or even illness in the one being / bending to the other's will just to "keep the peace".

Everyone and every relationship will be tested by life. The more emotionally mature each person is when they come into a relationship the less they will need to be the center of it at all times. There will be times when it needs to be about YOU. There will be times when it needs to be about Me (so feign interest even if you are not interested. We all just want to be listened to most times. Generally there isn't a quiz at the end. Whew!) AND there will be times when it is important to put our Egos aside to ensure we can handle whatever difficult situations come OUR way. At those times WE need to be able to trust that WE will communicate OUR needs clearly, Each take on the role WE are each best suited to for the situation at hand AND work through it together.


The Rhythm of Angel Wings by Gloria Messenger 

This is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL books in the world: To Look At; To Hold Onto; To Display; AND Yes, Just To Feel (it’s Velvety Cover)!  And that is just the outside of the book! 

Inside it is full of colourfully displayed original Angel drawings, photos, and Angel encounter stories collected from contributors (ages 3 to 70+) by WOW Gal Gloria Messenger, The Angel Messenger for the past 20 years. All are inter-twined with insights channeled by her from The Angels of the Light. 

Every time you open this book you are amazed to notice something you missed the first time as you are drawn to a different story or drawing and you feel guided to spend time with on that specific day. Today I was drawn to the Pet Angel on page 83, perhaps because I am nearing the anniversary of my beloved cat’s death.

Last week I was guided to the children’s drawings on pages 41 – 45 as I was releasing some old childhood stuff and these reminded me that I was surrounded by Angel energy or I may not have become who I am today.  I wonder which ones will resonate with YOU?

WOW Pick for May 2016 

At the moment The Rhythm of Angel Wings is a self-published book only available from the author’s website, personally autographed for you or a loved one. A book you will treasure each and every day because it feels good just to hold it close and absorb the wonderful energy exuding from the pages within. 


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