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Welcome to Our Monthly WOW Gal Magazine!

 Celebrates the "WOW Gal"  in Every Woman.

Our Mission is... To Lift Each Heart As ONE and Watch it Bloom As Many, Many Beautiful Flowers... which when Nurtured remain in Full Bloom  in life and after.  Each Month We Will Feature One Woman of Worth / WOW Gal  Her Struggle(s), Her Transformation(s), Her Success(es) in Personal &/or Business Life.

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One sunny summer afternoon, I was babysitting a one year old at our next door neighbor’s home.

I was barely a teenager then, and it was the first time I was given the responsibility to care for a baby so young.  The baby’s parents heard from other neighbors that I was a good sitter, and they knew if I had

any questions, I could go directly to my mom for help. ! was so thrilled and honored to be given the opportunity, but it was a day I will never forget.

It was the day when I heard the young six-year-old boy I usually baby sit screaming down the street. It was a gut-wrenching scream. I hurried outside with the baby in my arms to see what was happening. However, I didn’t see anything that would cause the young boy to be so upset. I yelled at him loud enough to cause the baby to cry, but he was too distraught to notice me. I had never seen this little boy like this. And, no one was helping him. 

I couldn’t leave the baby and I didn’t want to take the little one with me, so I ran screaming to my mom.  She didn’t hesitate and Read More of Virginia's inspiring Story...

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