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Our Mission is... To Lift Each Heart As ONE and Watch it Bloom As Many, Many Beautiful Flowers... which when Nurtured remain in Full Bloom  in life and after.  Each Month We Will Feature One Woman of Worth / WOW Gal  Her Struggle(s), Her Transformation(s), Her Success(es) in Personal &/or Business Life.

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I Was Nothing but a Bundle of Confusion and Nerves…

I was born and bred in a tiny village from one of the most rural mountainous parts of Lesotho. Growing was a very painful journey. Why? My family, like those around it, was poor. Poverty in itself is a huge pain. But, and it is a big one, there was a more serious and distressing pain

and it was residing in mind – rent-free –and it is this: I had a huge inferiority complex. You could step on my toes and get away with it, and I daresay that a couple of people did just that! I was a bundle of nerves and confusion. My thoughts about myself were stinking. I regarded myself as useless and no good. This was deeply ingrained in my mind. In short, I had a pathetically low sense of worth. 

Let me share a story that highlights what I am talking about. One day I was in class, sitting on one end of a wooden bench that I shared with three of my class mates. I transferred the ire in my mind onto paper. I admonished myself and wrote “I am useless. I will never amount to much. I have these long ears and this funny forehead that makes me ugly, so ugly…”I wrote all these in the middle of a lecture.

Suddenly, I had this odd feeling; a feeling that somebody was standing next to me and watching me  Read More of Mary's inspiring Story...

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