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Welcome to Our Monthly WOW Gal Magazine!

 Celebrates the "WOW Gal"  in Every Woman.

 This Month We Are  Featuring WOW Gal...

My story starts off as an instructor at a local gym...  

I had made quite a few friends there that taught along with me.  I loved my job and the girls I taught with. We would often do things together on the weekends, and this one weekend, we all decided it would be great to have a girls’ camping trip away. So that's exactly what we did. 

On this Friday, after we all had finished teaching our classes, the five of us took off on what we felt would be a fabulous camping trip away.

We arrived at the U.S. campsite not too far from our Canadian homes by late afternoon and proceeded to put up our tent and get organized.  Of course, we packed great food and drinks for our trip as well. 

On the way in I had asked the front gatekeeper to the camping grounds to call a cab for us so we could go into town for the evening. We agreed to meet the cab at the main entrance at 7:30 p.m.  Well, the girls had had a few drinks but for some reason I had decided not to have anything at the time and in hindsight discovered that was to be a very good decision. Read More of Mary's inspiring Story...

Our Mission is... To Lift Each Heart As ONE and Watch it Bloom As Many, Many Beautiful Flowers... which when Nurtured remain in Full Bloom  in life and after.  Each Month We Will Feature One Woman of Worth / WOW Gal  Her Struggle(s), Her Transformation(s), Her Success(es) in Personal &/or Business Life. We also have a monthly feature on a WOW Gal Angel & Pet Angel & WOW Review. 

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 Celebrating the WOW Gal  in Every Woman

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