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Welcome to Our Monthly WOW Gal Magazine!

 Celebrates the "WOW Gal"  in Every Woman.

 This Month We Are  Featuring WOW Gal...

I first met the love of my life after literally running into each other at a White House reception honoring the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in 2012.     

I was fortunate enough to have been invited after coming out publicly as a transgender woman while serving as student body president at American University just a month before. Andrew, 26 at the time, had come out as a transgender man several years prior and was now a leading LGBT health policy advocate in Washington, DC. 

I hadn't given our clumsy "meeting" at the White House much thought until I received a charming and suave Facebook message from that handsome guy two months later. His friends now tell me that he spent hours writing and 
re-writing the short message, in which he asked me out for coffee or drinks. 

After several online conversations and a few more chance encounters while I interned at the White House, we finally managed to find some time to go out for dinner.. Read More of Sarah's inspiring Story...

Our Mission is... To Lift Each Heart As ONE and Watch it Bloom As Many, Many Beautiful Flowers... which when Nurtured remain in Full Bloom  in life and after.  Each Month We Will Feature One Woman of Worth / WOW Gal  Her Struggle(s), Her Transformation(s), Her Success(es) in Personal &/or Business Life. We also have a monthly feature on a WOW Gal Angel & Pet Angel & WOW Review. 

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 Celebrating the WOW Gal  in Every Woman

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