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Our Mission is... To Lift Each Heart As ONE and Watch it Bloom As Many, Many Beautiful Flowers... which when Nurtured remain in Full Bloom  in life and after.  Each Month We Will Feature One Woman of Worth / WOW Gal  Her Struggle(s), Her Transformation(s), Her Success(es) in Personal &/or Business Life.

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Lives change because of Women’s Place South Niagara

I can confidently say this from firsthand experience. Twenty years ago, along with my 4 children, I lived in the safety and security of Women’s Place for a number of weeks.

greeted by a kind and compassionate staff who escorted us through the doors at the shelter. Instantaneously, a thousand pounds had been lifted off my shoulders or so it seemed. I felt an incredible sense of relief after being overwhelmed just moments before I had fled the abuse and terror at the hands of my husband at the time.

I had met with the staff at the shelter 3 weeks prior to actually leaving my abusive environment. This meeting consisted of educating me, guiding me in the next days, and developing a safely laid out escape plan. They reassured me that they would be with me the whole way. They stayed true to that promise. 

You see, I had attempted to leave in the past on my own with my children but he would always find us... Read More of Deborah's inspiring Story...

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