Bring A Rainbow Into Your Life
Have you ever wondered why we are so fascinated with rainbows?  We stare at them  with awe and wonder.  Rainbows remind us subconsciously that we need color in our lives in order to maintain health and balance. We need all seven of the colours in the spectrum in order to be healthy.  When we go outside without glasses and allow our eyes to absorb the light, we absorb all the colours of the spectrum. This of course does not mean look directly at the sun as this can damage your eyes.  But just allow the light to enter your eyes.

Other ways you can absorb light into your body include eating colored foods, wearing different colors, decorating with different colors and looking at different colors.

Wear red if you need courage or confidence, if you want to flirt or be sexual or  passionate.  Red brings us joy and energy.  However if you are angry, have trouble relaxing,  or have high blood pressure, then you should not wear red. Never paint your bedroom red as it stimulates you and you will not sleep well.

Wear orange to bring fun into your life and increase you energy level.  It's a playful color and the colour of excitement, joy and good humour.  Wearing  orange helps you reconnect with your emotions.  Do not wear orange if you are dieting, - it causes you to eat more.

Yellow is the colour of spontaneity, and knowledge.  Wear yellow if taking a test, to help you learn easily or just to be more in the moment.  It helps with elimination problems. Don't wear yellow if you are very critical of yourself or others.

Green is the colour of nature and brings peace and harmony into your life.  Wear  green if you feel out of balance or just get out in nature.  Green is a calming  colour.  Do not wear green if you have no motivation to get up and get going.

Blue is the colour of success and of chilling out and relaxing.  Wear blue if you have difficulty relaxing but also to show you are in control of your life.  Don't wear blue if you are lazy or can't get moving.

Purple is the color of spirit and helps us expand into higher consciousness.  Don't wear purple if you have trouble staying grounded or completing projects in your  life.

White is the color of purity and wisdom and the color of angels.  When you wear  white, always add some color such as a scarf or belt for warmth.

Black is the color of control and shows you are powerful and in control but should be softened with other colors.  Don't wear black if you are depressed.

Eating foods of the various colors can also help balance your energy system and we should eat a variety of colored food.  And lastly decorate your home with colors you love and that make you happy.  Get outside in nature and balance your whole  energy system.  Enjoy the summer and the colors of the flowers.