With an open mind, we discuss Canada's Food Guide, (these are meant to be understood, as situations well researched, and imperative for our well being as proven by SC).

Fact is, our bodies were Intelligently designed as is our food source : rather than elimination (discarding certain food groups) I humbly suggest (take to task) an eating menu plan that includes a variety of foods from all food groups, each day; concentrating on the intellectual challenge of pre-planning.

Grab a piece of Bristol board and be ready to cut and paste; it is fun and you can include a child..

Not in the manner of counting calories or the mind set of a diet. Rather, the mind set of re-establishing a healthy relationship with food. This would mean a lightish , personally motivated and self driven study.

Learn and jot down (thus reinforcing and beginning the process through concrete action) the food groups : under each group; how many daily servings.

The following day, write them out on your Bristol board, allowing room for some pictures under or around each word

Then we  learn (potentially the next day) what counts as a serving FRUIT (Med sized fruit or 1/2 cup of...) DAIRY (one glass milk or two of the following; yogurt, cheese slice, froz yogurt) etc
write these down on scrap paper

Next day, write these in good copy and tape to back of your board (reinforces and available for quick check)

Another day, cut out pictures to represent these ideas and place under or around the headings. (children love this and actually I did too)

The plan is too visualize and be at one with these foods.

Every day you will be eating (in simpler forms the better  ) without sauces or extras, aside from seasonings, garlic, onions, fried in Pam only;  otherwise, bake, broil, poach, roast, slow cook.

Use mustard freely and low fat mayo occasionally; people are using, lemon, tazikiki, onion powder...

Do drink water staggered through out the day; unadorned...you will only have to force feed your self the first week...your body will take over and become quite demanding for water consumption (lack of water causes tiredness and moodiness esp. in children) cells die off and are re-placed and without water, dead cells remain within and new ones are not built!

Take B compound morn and eve as well as chewable Vit C. (B combats stress, helps burn fat and helps body pull nutrients out of eaten food) helps with sleep and mood.B-12 is fine and is within the family, so go ahead and meet and greet LOL

25 grams of fiber from a variety of foods EVERY day and shoot for 50 grams of high protein.

Choose three days a week to walk for 20 min (do not let your small dog be your only outing as they cause a lot of fun dawdling :) walk briskly and with purpose; toe to heel and heart to the heavens...swing your arms and shoulders back and forth, engage core (squeeze tummy muscles every few minutes..walk with purpose and focus)  do not take this as a time to discuss the day; focus and purpose is lost and negative emotions can eek in ... this is a quiet time..time to be thankful and work at it..think of things you find beautiful (butterflies, soft wind, a color) it is tricky ...utilize positive self talk as well...you are becoming stronger with each step; you are clever and healthy, your youth is being restored, you are well able; thank you God that I am wonderfully made and you love me.

Follow this plan for 28 days and then for the two weeks following this...add supplement (s) CLA and a Green Tea capsules purchase from GNC. Wal Mart or Popeye's.

Use two, one pound hand weights on your walk, on week three

Contact me and let me know how wonderful you feel from this program and if you like I will give you another month worth of tips and the next progressive steps for health and wellness = wholeness; why? Because I can and because I care :)


     katherine marguerite vanderzwet