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Our March 2011 WOW Gal Gloria Messenger 

My Beloved Cat, Sammy's Guardian Angel & Mine in Background


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 We Are Women Video from Red Hat Society 

We happened upon this beautiful video while searching the web for our WOW Review and were mesmerized by its simplistic yet heartwarming impact. We had no choice but to view it until the end and hope you will be compelled to as well. 

With each frame we feel that we, as women, are truly seen with clarity and true understanding. Each and every one of us has courage and strength beyond what we know and when the chips are down…we rush in to support our sisters, family and more. Yes, We ARE ALL Truly Women of Worth!

The Red Hat Society has created a motivational and inspirational video that embodies the essence of women. We encourage you to click on the link to share with friends! Every woman deserves to be a part of a Society that encourages you to take a little time to have some fun, build friendships and to fulfill your hearts desires! 


  Lydia's Dream Comes True by Angels of Inspiration's Dawn ODell 

The first time I happened upon this book I could not stop touching it . I picked it up, held it to me, put it down still touching it with my fingertip while I talked to one of it’s authors, then picked it up again, bought it and read it before the day was out. I couldn’t stop myself. Nor did I want to.

This simple, easy read could have been about my childhood, or any person who has experience being lonely even while opportunities to end it surround us. All we need do is take that first big step yet somehow we cannot do it alone. Until or unless our “angels” show us the way.

Lydia is introduced to her “friend” Claria while sitting alone under a tree watching her other classmates play. Through the process of visualization Lydia is taught the most valuable lesson in life about first realizing then manifesting her heart’s desire…and the simplicity of the process is something we can all use in our own lives. This is the first of a series and a portion of the proceeds from book sales will be donated to The Three Oaks Foundation.

A Message of Hope Video 

We highly recommend if you have not seen this amazing video already that you set aside the 19 minutes to do so. We also recommend you share it with anyone you can as it is a beautiful, uplifting, vibration raising message of Love.

     It is one of the first videos which demonstrates how science is catching up to what many have sensed when looking into the eyes of another or an animal and felt deep within their hearts whenever they quieted their minds long enough to truly feel. 

     It emphasizes and demonstrates how important it is to “think”, & act from a place of love, to send that love outward and receive love that is sent back with an open heart. It reiterates Dr. Martin Luther King’s powerful words…  “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

    This video cites that this is even more important to remember as we further witness the planetary changes we are experiencing in order to open to a NEW planet, world, life we that can ultimately be better as we once again begin to treat it and all on it with LOVE.

    It also demonstrates the power of meditation & group meditation as the way to magnify this love and the power of how it can actually bring peace to turbulent situations and countries. Prayer only needs to be from the heart rather than the head to be a meditation. If praying/chanting is talking to God as we know God/Universe…we must be quiet in our minds following this long enough to hear God/Universe talking back. 

Reach Performed by Gloria Estefan Written by Gloria Estefan and Diane Warren

Reach was the official theme song during the 1996 Olympics. This song's message shows us that by doing our very best we can realize our dreams and even reach above and beyond our expectations. Don’t be afraid to reach out and give everything you can because it’s only when you put your heart and soul into your goals that you can live your life to the fullest.

Gloria Estefana multiple Grammy Award-winning performing artist, knows full well the power of believing in yourself. She spent her preteen years caring for her little sister and her paralyzed father while her mother worked and went to school. Even though everything seemed to be against her having a musical career she persevered and made herself over into her idea of a pop star image by losing weight, keeping fit, changing her whole way of life. But, in 1990 that idyllic life took a dramatic turn. Gloria Estefan was seriously injured, suffering a fractured spine when a speeding semi-truck crashed into the tour bus. Surgeons permanently implanted two titanium rods into her back. Rehabilitation required almost a year of intensive physical therapy but through hard work and determination she learned to walk again and returned to an international tour only ten months after the accident.

We can all take something away from this and that is, that you can’t just sit back and wait for fate to drop your dreams into your lap. You can’t give up just because life gets rough. If you really want it then reach!  Reach for it

  Lyn St. James: American Woman Racing Icon of the Century

 Lyn St. James shares the determination she used to break into a world where no one thought she could ever achieve success. Lyn shows us the amazing results you can accomplish through the power of positive thinking and determination to succeed in a sport where some thought a woman could never be a winner.

At nearly 45 years old she made her first Indy 500 doing very well by finishing in 11th position. Later when she was 53 she went back and in her own words:

“Being able to go back when everyone had written me off at 53, I was by far the oldest driver in the race. That felt good…when you know you couldn’t have done any better than you did, those are the ones you really value.”

She has gone on to win many distinguished awards and is a much sought after motivational speaker. Lyn invites her audiences to take risks, learn from missteps and to build a championship team. 

This video is not about being a successful race car driver. Instead, it is a story about setting goals, determination, passion and how she used defeats (during her first race she ended up driving into a lake) and successes (set many speed records and competed in 24 hour endurance races) to make a woman’s door into the world of auto racing.

 In the water they can't see you cry by Amanda Beard 

Amanda Beard, Olympic athlete, fashion model and author of the book  In The Water They Can’t See You Cry: A Memoir, tells her readers what it was like growing up in such a public forum. Describing her battles she fought and ultimately overcame and eventually found the true meaning of happiness.                                                                                                                                     Amanda swam in four Olympics, won a total of seven medals and went on to become an international model and sex symbol. She posed for many magazines including Playboy, all the while hiding the fact that she was a deeply troubled young woman.                                                                              Nobody knew what was going on inside and she hid it all very well behind a winning smile. She was always afraid that someone would find out just how far her depression had gone. Her family and friends only saw the outward smile that she put on for them and had no idea of the extent that her self-destructive behaviour had taken.                                                                                         Amanda Beard had become bulimic in her late teens and then started a downward trend into drugs, alcohol, bad relationships with high profile men and had even started ritually cutting herself.Luckily, the first time she really cut herself badly, her husband, who was her boyfriend at the time, caught her in the act and then she finally got the help she needed to begin on the road headed towards a happy and healthy life.With the support of her family and friends and her own faith in herself, Amanda Beard overcame an immense challenge and changed her outlook on life forever.  This book speaks openly and truthfully about her struggles with eating disorders, depression and the unbelievable pressure that is put on a young teenager to stay thin.


 Butterfly by Lizzie Sider

This song by Lizzie Sider, an up and coming singer/songwriter is so WOW Gal! 

All of the women we feature and all of the women who visit with us each month can relate to these heartfelt words of transformation from cocoon to Butterfly.

We have all had our moments of darkness, shyness, martyrdom and self-sabotage. When we couldn't find our voice, couldn't stand up for ourselves and/or couldn't shake ourselves out of being afraid.

We all have also had moments when we feel strong, confident and fearless. Our Butterfly moments! The moments when nothing and no one could steer us away from or "push" us off our path, including ourselves and our shadow sides or stinkin' thinkin'

The Book, Wisdom of Women, talks about how every woman needs her time of darkness to restore and bring forth gifts of wisdom when they return to the lightness, representing each rebirth...each Butterfly Moment! Here's to Many More for Each & Everyone of Us! Enjoy!

  The Healing Power of Women by Healing Quest

In this short video, hosted by Olivia Newton John and Judy Brooks, we hear from three spiritual teachers, who share their thoughts on preserving and healing the world.

Elizabeth Lindsey: Writer, Actor and Cultural Anthropologist. Raised by three old Hawaiian women who were revered in their community for their mastery in ancient traditions. They foretold that she would travel far and wide keeping the wisdom of native cultures alive.

Isha Judd: Considered by many as the Ambassador of Peace. She has been invited to speak in international forums of people, such as senators, bishops and high security prisoners. She believes in the power of unconditional love-consciousness.

Marianne Williamson:  Founder of, Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves homebound people with Aids in the Los Angeles area. Marianne also founded the Department of Peace Campaign whose mission is; to establish a United States Department of Peace.

 INVENTING THE REST OF OUR LIVES – Women in Second Adulthood

Suzanne Braun Levine is a writer, the first editor of MS Magazine and authority on the lives of women.  Last summer I picked up her book, Inventing the Rest of Our Lives”, and could not put it down! It is full of women’s personal stories, scientific research and advice on entering into the second half of our lives. Like Suzanne herself this book is funny, intelligent and encourages us to create our own unique path. The first chapter starts out with a poem by W.H. Auden “Leap Before You Look  

Suzanne goes on to say that her first step into Second Adulthood was signing up for an Outward Bound program and rappelling down the face of a ninety foot cliff!

I may never rappel down any cliffs or even do the newest craze of hanging off the CN Tower, but I came away from this book inspired and with some very useful practical advice on what matters, what works and what to expect as we go into our fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond.


  Somebody's Hero by Jamie O'Neal

This song by Australian born singer, Jamie O'Nealtouched my heart the first time I heard it. Initially it reminded me of my Mom long gone to join the angels. Then it reminded me a little of myself. We are ALL Somebody's Hero.

When I saw the video, it reminded me of ALL the WOW Gals in the world who are indeed Somebody's Hero. So many have gone through trials and tribulations, raised families, taken care of their elderly parents.

Yes, so many woman have and / or will experience caring and being cared for by someone who just does what they do out of love. Someone who's only dare devil feat has been getting up each morning, facing life's challenges and fearlessly risking to love.If you do nothing else while you are here, I ask you to take 3 plus minutes and watch this video, listening to the words with your heart. 

During it simply think about the many times you have been Somebody's Hero and about the women in your life who have been one in your life. Follow this with a thank yourself for allowing them to love your and to them for loving you and others unconditionally. 

Yes, I realize they are not with you right now, at least not physically. However, trust that in this moment they too will feel something in their heart and when they do, it will leave them with a smile on their face. Almost like when the bell rang and Clarence got his Angel wings in the movie It's a Wonderful Life. 

  What would YOU Do if YOU were visited by ANGELS?

  Whether you believe in Angels or are just toying with the idea, this book will answer many of our ever-present questions. Within A Mirroring Discovery with Angel Visitation, we can gain truly amazing insight. 
   Discover what is unique about our soul growth earth school compared to other schools. Uncover the somewhat hidden clues to our life mission. Recognize what level of growth we are maintaining as well as the areas of further assistance offered by The Angels of The LightTake our emotional pulse. See what is pulling our carriage. Realize our intricately designed itinerary and become aware of how we have applied it to our life. Set up Your Own Angel Alerts to begin recognizing that you are indeed connecting with YOUR Angels far more than you ever imagined. This book is filled with descriptive heavenly insight and detailed explanation to empower each of us on our personal earthly journey. Read this amazing guidance from the ANGELS! (Channeled in 33 Days by Gloria Messenger, Angel Artist & Messenger)
I am enthralled with youbook.  I find I read it slowly as it creates so many thoughts and feeling I need to process the information and it's relevance to my life.  Wow!  Great material. Your book, my name analysis and Angel portrait inspire and remind me daily I have the choice to rejoice and not be ashamed to spread my joy. My deepest gratitude, DK (Read testimonials on this book & Angel portraits from all over the world)


            Martina McBride Sings...I'm Gonna Love You Through It

 The very first time I heard this song I cried. Like many of you I have lost a loved one to cancer so it really hit home. In the lyrics, It not only gives you a glimpse of the harsh realities of this disease, it gives you hope.

This is even more emphasized in the interview which is highlighted by many well known and not so well known ladies who to date have beat the odds and continue to appreciate those who were their support system as well as "Love Others Through It". 

I hope you will watch this video with an open heart. If you have or have had cancer I pray it brings you hope. If you haven't been touched by cancer yourself in any way I pray you remain so. However I hope Martina McBride's song, I'm Gonna Love You Through it, will ignite your desire to "Love or Someone Through It" if it ever crosses your path. 

I have included the video I mentioned as well as the one with the lyrics in case you wanted to read them as you listened. I hope that you share this song with anyone who needs to feel better about and / or have more faith in the  Power of Love.

 Feng Shui Was Practiced by Ginette Hunter From The Age of 5

This review is unique in that it features both this month's WOW Gal Amy Whitney (the interviewer) and Ginette Hunter of Feng Shui With Ginette who uses this valuable training to Heal the Health of many homes and businesses.

We have also given you a choice of either watching, listening to here interviews or both so that you can glean as much as you can from what she shares with you here.

Ginette believes that Healing the Home then gives you the energy and motivation to Heal the Whole Person and when you listen to this interview you hear her demonstrate her ability to tap into what is necessary for a person to start healing the energy of their home which then creates more energy in the person's life overall.

While Ginette worked as an Interior Designer she was continually seeking balance with her designs. Then She was introduced to Feng Shui 20+ years ago and truly understood the need for balance she had been striving to achieve since she was 5 years old.

We invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and listen. Don't forget to have a pad of paper and pen handy in case you want to jot down some of this interesting info.

 How to Work Like a Cat by Karen Wormald

Walking With Confidence Through a Dog-Eat-Dog World

In most jobs, you're expected to work like a dog-show boundless enthusiasm for any dull and pointless task you're assigned; act thrilled with any meager reward that's tossed your way; play nice with other dogs; and never question the leader of the pack. 

For your own sanity, you need to wise up and end this ridiculous canine charade. Cats have it all figured out. They live by their own rules. They refuse to be ignored. They're self-assured and serene.

This humorous book helps readers learn to work like a cat instead of a dog, urging readers to break free of the leash and leap up the workplace ladder.

"We loved this book, it contains funny insights to the workaday life and how 'working like a cat' can help you cope. I opened the book to the 'Hairballs are not meant to be kept inside' page and laughed out loud. This would make a great gift for any cat lover or just someone who works in the corporate world. It makes you think about whether you, 'work like a cat' or 'work like a dog'. This would make a great stocking stuffer!" C. Roberts (New Hampshire)

Beware Cat Lovers...Say It With Cats offers uniquely beautiful and inspiring publications from the people of Willow Creek Press. Yes, they even have a 2012 Calendar to go with this book! Other Calendars available are  What Cats Teach Us 2012 CalendarWhat Kittens Teach Us 2012 Calendar and Why Cats Do That 2012 Calendar just to name a few.

 10  Mindful Minutes by Goldie Hawn with Wendy Bolden

We all know how important it is to experience mindfulness. Yet with all the new electronic gadgets it is fast becoming a thing of the past. We eat, drink, put on make up, text, and talk when all we should be focusing on is driving. With this example and the "busy"ness of our lives it is becoming more and more evident that children seldom if ever get to sit "still " without something in their hands or a screen in front of them. For the last 10 years Goldie Hawn, being more than just a pretty face or movie star, has made it her mission to change this.

The mission of Her Hawn Foundation is to equip children with the social and emotional skills they need to navigate the challenges of the contemporary world in order to lead smarter, healthier, and happier lives.The Hawn Foundation seeks to help transform children's lives by providing them with opportunities to acquire vital social and emotional skills,  to improve academic performance, enhance the quality of their lives, and help others in their community. We support research studies conducted by university associated social scientists and neuroscientists and develop evidence-based educational programs for children, such as MindUP™, using cutting-edge scientific research on the brain and social emotional learning. The Hawn Foundation is committed to helping children lead confident, happy, and successful lives. We also assist educators to create supportive learning and social environments that effectively address children’s mental and physical wellbeing while nurturing the growth of creative, reflective habits of mind

In her new book, Goldie Hawn present elements of the MindUP program that parents can use in daily life with kids. Hawn explain that mindfulness helps children develop social and emotional intelligence, resulting in greater self-awareness, less stress, and higher levels of happiness and empathy. Hawn explains how to help children use mindful breathing and focused attention to become more reflective and self aware to gain greater emotional control. In "Reflections" throughout the text, Hawn looks back on her own childhood and shares her personal experiences as a mother and grandmother. Goldie Hawn's gentle, heartfelt approach to mothering and her mission to help children develop happier, healthier lives will be both useful and inspiring for parents.

 Guardian Angels Can Be the Best Mascots in YOUR Personal / Business Life

I am a true believer that we have  Earth & Spirit Angels in our lives, guiding and protecting us. I met Gloria Messenger way back in 1997 when she channeled my first Business Angel Portrait for Art from the Heart Adventures. She had no idea what I actually did or what medium I used to do it so she and I were both pleasantly surprised when this Angel’s name was Markm. In my workshops only markers are allowed to create the heartworks.

 I colour along with the person or group whenever I can.

It was my first WOW  experience with commissioning Gloria’s gifts of connecting with Angels.  

Later, I had her do my Personal Guardian Angel. Again, she knew little about my personal life experiences or me feeling like I was older and wiser than my parents, that I always felt like I had an imaginary parent who I trusted for guidance more than any of my earthly adults. Any surprise that this Angel’s name was Parentalena? On looking back, I have felt my angel's presence at my side and surround me with a soft, invisible shield on more than one occasion. I have commissioned 8 more for family and loved ones, even for my Spirit-to-Earth-to-Spirit Beloved Cat, Sammy. My angel is in the background of him and his angel, Karall and he certainly cared for ALL! (Top)Wowel, my Mom's Angel shows Parentalena and my siblings Angels peeking out behind my Mom's Angel. (Middle)

How does Gloria do this? She explains this in the video above. It is no mistake that she has been chosen as The Angel Messenger.  I can attest that the portraits actually evolve as you do, that is how magical they are. Read the many testimonials on her website and decide for yourself, if you are ready to receive tangible proof that Your Guardian Angel(s) are with you every day.

 Simply a Woman of Faith by Pat Hastings

Within the pages of Pat Hastings' book Simply a Woman of Faith" one feels comforted by her miraculous trust displayed and rewarded at every twist and turn. She so openly shares her own personal inspiration to encourage and send a reinforcing spark to our individual belief system.  Simply a Woman of Faith beautifully displays how divine guidance is constantly working within our daily lives.  - WOW Gal Gloria Messenger, author of A Mirroring Discovery with Angel Visitation.

Pat Hastings book surprised me with some of the unusual places she "finds God"--yard sales, consignment stores. Some stories just blew me away with the power of asking for Divine Guidance and receiving it. I found myself more open to the ways that the Divine might speak to me in daily life--listening for, and finding, that still small voice in inner promptings and wonderful synchronicities. I've bought several copies for people on my Christmas list and have already started giving them as gifts to friends. This is the kind of book that begs to be shared with friends and family members. Lisa C. Tener "Book Coach"


What Women Want Plus More Print & Digital Magazine by Rosemary Evangelista

               NOW Under Name of WE (Women Empowered) Magazine

Full of inspiring, healing, insightful and empowering articles and information this print and digital magazine has grown into a resource we hate to throw out even when it is out of date. 

It too features a Cover Girl each issue who has a WOW Story to share. There is always insight on Looking Good, Feeling Great, Fun Things to Do, House & Home, Business, Food Recipes & Great Places to Eat.

 While the new What Women Want Plus More website is still a work in progress at the moment, this beautiful glossy 6”x 9” magazine has evolved into a high quality booklet that fits nicely in most purses for on the go reading and for those who have converted to a paperless environment it now comes is a Digital Version. You can subscribe and /or contact Rosemary about placing an ad in the next issue 905-401-6449 / 289-271-2928. Download any or all of the digital issues at you NOW!

 Miche Bags...The Answer to Many Women's Prayers

Change the Outside NOT the Inside of YOUR Purse!!!  I have been waiting for this product all my Life!  The reason women are raving about the Miche Bag is the cool interchangeable shells the bag has. The frustration of whatever you need being in your "other" purse at home stops here. I gave up changing purses years ago because, frankly, it was too much work! Having purses of different shapes, sizes some with pockets and some without meant things never fit the same. Sometimes I would go through 2 or more changes before going back to my original purse defeated once again.

The Miche purse is a stylish bag that takes the hassle out of figuring out which bag to wear! Many women love the fact that you do not have to empty out the contents of the purse you simply change the outer shell. The fact that the shells are so compact they really save room in both your closest and your suitcase. No longer do need multiple handbags to match each outfit you just start collecting more shells. The best thing about it is it saves you tons of money not having to purchase multiple expensive designer bags. Bottom line the Miche bag will save you time and money.

Do you know a Miche Distributor?  Cindy Custers and Jo Ann Mattei are two ladies who LOVE helping women be creative while saving time & energy one purse in almost a lifetime . 

  Real Moments by Barbara De Angelis

Real Moments by Barbara De Angelis is one of my favorite books to read when I am getting too caught up in the past or future. I love that it is a quick read that I can enjoy over and over again.

In "Real MomentsBarbara De Angelis defines happiness not as an acquisition, but as a skill--the skill of capturing every moment and living it completely. With insight, wisdom, and vision, she teaches us how to rediscover real moments with our mates and our children, with our work and our play, in sex and intimacy, and real moments with ourselves. It is an examination of our relationship with the process of living itself, offering inspiration as well as practical tools for creating more of one of the most precious moments of all--moments of true meaning in our lives.

I love her plane story. It is worth the read alone. You will definitely identify with this and the many times where something that seemed annoying and in your face was what you needed most to recognize in yourself. 

You can find this book in the Spirit Category of our Shop For Empowerment area.  Celebrate YOUR Real Moments Today and Everyday!

 I Didn't Know My Own Strength by Whitney Houston describes the undeniable survivor skills of OUR Featured WOW Gals.

One can only discover their own true inner strength when they've totally reached the bottom & feel there is nothing left in life for them to go on living for. When those times last for a long time you believe you'll never come through them, but that is when you discover how strong your own spirit is. You know you have to fight back because if you don't, you'll never come out that never ending tunnel. Life is a gift & it's only when you've been to the bottom that you realize how precious it is. LaFarfalla246

When I listened to the words I couldn't help but think about how much Whitney has lived this song and come out better for it. Her journey hasn't been an easy one and it is her expression of this struggle to recognize the inner strength she only needed to tap into to break from a destructive relationship to become empowered again. Carolyn ShannonWomen of Worth Magazine

 Soar Above it All by Sue London (August 2011WOW Gal)

WOW! I read this book in less than 24 hours. I couldn't put it down because it reflected much of my own journey.  I too had a deep connection with a loving pet I believed to be an Angel brought to me to overcome a very difficult time in my life.

I believe that ALL accidents, illness and disease comes into our lives as a Wake Up Call to do things differently, A Way Out of a Job or Relationship that we are having a hard time letting go of, or The Way “Home” or to Exit (Die) this Earth Form. 

Having said that, I highly recommend, Sue London’s book, Soar Above it All, to anyone who needs to be inspired, empowered and even healed by example.  

Sue takes us through her process of overcoming her fears of being alone, letting go, losing control and even facing death. Throughout this process she develops a faith and understanding of how everything is truly perfect in hind sight, yes, even the hard times.She becomes proactive in changing her life and focus in order to live a healthier, Crohns- free existence.

Sue’s story inspires me and others to fearlessly move forward through life no matter what the obstacles and to follow your intuition which never steers you wrong. “It ain’t over till its over, so to speak.” I have since passed this book on to a good friend who was recently diagnosed with Crohns Disease in hope that she will be encouraged or something better. By Carolyn ShannonWomen of Worth Magazine

 WOW Gal Photo by Theresa Nemac Fawver

This amazing photo which was part of the Facebook Photo Contest truly represents Our Perception of  A WOW Gal!

It reflects the silhouette of a woman who is on the go, resourceful, adventuresome, and empowered by choice. She has the wisdom to seek protection (represented by the umbrella) when necessary. 

The cheery, almost buttery yellow sunset is breathtaking and promises bright days ahead in spite of the dark clouds life sends us.

This fun photo caught our attention the minute we saw it so we searched out Theresa to ask if we might review it here. We hope you like it as much as we did. 

 Theresa Nemac Fawver of Stratford, Connecticut is a self taught artist and a relative latecomer to Photography. She became interested in Digital Photography in 2008 when she got her first Digital Camera. What started as a hobby has blossomed into a love of photography that has helped her discover and share with others the beauty and depth of what surrounds us. We live in such an incredibly rich and visually interesting world.  Theresa feels that photography makes me a more thoughtful observer—seeing things she might otherwise miss.

 The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue by Deb Scott


“Wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone!”

There were so many things I loved about this book – from the author’s infectious positive and fun-to-read style to the catchy title – a title that starts the reader off on a journey to discover what the author has in mind..

A Book that makes you truly feel alive!!!

When I finish reading a book, I ask myself what my initial opinion of the book is.  After the standard, “Like it, love it, or eh -so-so,” I always have a few summarizing thoughts about the book, the author, or the way the book left me feeling.  After reading The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue: Turning your upside down world right side up!, I thought, and subsequently wrote down, the following:
This book was like a walk through an inspirational and spiritual garden.  There were so many lovely thoughts, quotes, stories, and illustrations along the way – just like beautiful flowers along a garden’s path.  I kept stopping to pick one and could see one just ahead – from the first page of the book to the last.
I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I promise that you’ll find plenty of beautiful flowers to cut and enjoy along the garden’s path.  Buy The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue: Turning your upside down world right side up! on Amazon today.

 Art from the Heart Adventures by WOW Gal Carolyn Shannon

Chocked full of amazing pearls of wisdom and written in bold, large printing with full color illustrations, this book discards the usual page design format and creates its own unique presentation.  Vaguely reminiscent of Sark’s wildly individualistic approach, Carolyn even turns the text into artwork.

 An obvious personal reflection, Art from the Heart Adventures uses colored reproductions and analysis of Carolyn’s actual art experiences to explain the concept and technique.  Self-therapy is evident within the ‘heartworks’, the writing, the whole context of the book, opening an intimate exchange between the reader and author. It’s fun to look at, interesting to read and easy to understand. Lori D, Media Art Publishing


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