WOW REVIEWS 2014-2013

 Healing Hands Meditation By Gloria Messenger 

Healing Hands is a Meditation Channelled Via WOW Gal Gloria Messenger from The Angels of the Light. It is a gift she is giving to anyone who wishes to use it or share it with friends or loved ones.

Before this meditation even started I was mesmerized by the channelled drawingthat seemed to be oozing energy as well as brightening in different areas as if to accentuate things I needed to focus on each moment. Then when it was time to go to the stressball I had removed from my solar phlexus earlier it had disappeared. I LOVEhow this meditation takes me within and outside my body and finishes by mixing these energies to leave me feeling whole & complete.

Whether you are wishing to work on an illness you have and would benefit from this meditation on a daily basis or just want to maintain the good health you have at the moment it is a Great Gift to Us ALL. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!!!

WOW Pick for December 2014  


 WOW Pick for November 2014  

  The Dancer By Tiffanee Griffiths

 Artist's description: The dress of The DANCER is captured in a twirl of exuberance, yet her body is withdrawn, visible only by the ghosting of herself.  In a World that is all about visual impressions, she feels hesitant and insecure about her own existence, a result of the attack that left her hands permanently disabled.  Those of us that cannot fit in … go unseen.”

So many of us take are limbs for granted. Some are not as fortunate as us. More and more people are becoming physically challenged, especially now with distracted driving accidents and being sent off to distant countries to defend freedom for others. It is not just men being sent to battle anymore. 

When I first saw this artwork and read it's message ("Once Upon a Moonlit walk," by Tiffanee Griffiths, *accompanies every Print*) and now working with seniors and seeing the difficulty they have when their arms and legs no longer serve them, I truly appreciated the role Tiffannee & Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs want to play in making life easier for those who need clothing they can manage more easily.

GIVE YOURSELF a CHRISTMAS GIFT THAT HELPS OTHERS THIS YEAR!  Enjoy your OWN official copy of THE DANCER (numbered and signed by the artist. This piece is more than a painting, it is a life affirming statement of triumph over adversity.  Purchase a copy for yourself or for a loved one who may be in need of encouragement. To place your order go to Fashion Moves Inclusive Designsworking with the Fashion / Garment Industry to create quality clothing for People with disabilities


This Ain't My Mamma's Broken Heart By Miranda Lambert 

This fun albeit a little over the top version of this song resonates with any woman who has always taken on the role of the “good” woman/wife. Always composed and pulled together no matter what. The perfect woman, in the perfect home, in the perfect neighbourhood, who was once thought to have the perfect relationship. With a mother who raised her to keep her feelings and actions in check so both their reputations are protected.  Telling her to, “Go and fix your makeup girl, it’s just a breakup / Run and hide your crazy and start actin’ like a lady / Cause I raised you better, gotta keep it together / Even when you fall apart.”

It dramatizes very humorously what most of us would “feel” like doing after being well behaved left us abandoned and alone.  This reminded me of when I couldn’t be angry at my ex-husband after our break-up so my friends set up 

WOW Pick for October 2014  


dart board. After adding his photo to the front of it we all took turns throwing darts at it. I was the only one who couldn’t hit the mark, so to speak.  The anger did come later and I had learned a creative venting technique by then that helped me colour it away in a fun way. Still I did have some fun thought of doing some of the things in this video while colouring.

any women must have because it was a #1 Hit on the Canadian Country Billboard and #2 on the US Country Billboard. Watch and enjoy!


WOW Pick for September 2014 

Mother and Child By Beverley Barber 

This modern representation of mother and child speaks to me on many levels. First in the way it keeps my gaze for an extended time as if to soak in the love each is feeling for the other. This is only enhanced by how it makes you want to stay in that moment for an extended amount of time. Forever may even be too short a time.

I love how that rim this mother’s hat acts as protection of the child from life’s “rays” and the child rests under it in a trusting way demonstrated by the slight bow of their head. The relaxed hold the mother has on the child only serves to emphasize to me that she will always be supportive rather than controlling of the child.

The facelessness of both subjects says to me that this could be any mother and child in the universe, perhaps even a modern day representation of Mary and Jesus although that may not have been at the root of conception when this artist was creating it. I say that only because those words came to me as I was gazing upon the drawing.

 I ask you to sit with this awhile. I have not been blessed with children in this lifetime…however I was a child once and this artwork speaks to me of the unconditional love we either desire or have been blessed to have found through our Mother Child Relationships. You can see more works byBeverley Barber on her website.

Contributed by Carolyn Shannon, WOW Magazine Founder

My Beloved World By Sonia Sotomayer

Audio Books are growing quickly in popularity especially among the multitude of multi-tasking women. You can download books off of Amazon or iTunes and listen to them on your Kindle, iPod , Smart Phone or MP3 Player. I like to listen to books while I’m driving, walking or even grocery shopping. Anytime is a good time to listen to your books. As an added bonus you’ll find that you’re reading way more books.

My latest audio that I wanted to share is called, ‘My Beloved World’, by Sonia Solomayor.  A fascinating autobiography of a United States Supreme Court Justice and her remarkable journey as she overcomes hardships that life dealt her. Her struggles as a child from being brought up by an alcoholic father who caused her such ridicule and bullying from her school mates to managing a disease from a very young age. At 8 years old she learned she had juvenile diabetes and learned to deal with it herself and administer her own daily injections of insulin.

Despite all the blows that life dealt her she not only persevered she went on to graduate from Princeton with honors in 1976. Princeton had only started accepting women 3 years prior to her graduation.

 WOW Pick for August 2014 

This is a fascinating read and especially to listen to as an audio book. Sonia’s story is an inspirational tale of overcoming our past and of how we can rise above our situation. This should be mandatory reading for all teenagers, today.

Click here to listen to an excerpt from the audio book. A very moving account of little Sonia preparing to give herself her first insulin shot because her parents couldn’t or wouldn’t do it

Contributed by WOW Gal Sponsor Wendy A Harrison 


WOW Pick for July 2014 


It's A Woman's World By Cher 

FUN, FUN, FUN… A blend of old style artwork representing women that was once considered confident in a rather risqué way (mild by today’s standards) with the upbeat modern melody and words of strength and conviction of an evolved woman.

The title alone is very timely as more and more women take on more equal power roles in business, government and in their homes. While still enjoying the support of a good man when we find one we can survive with the love of close friends and family both nuclear and of choice.

At age 67 Cher exemplifies the new youthfulness of what was once considered and 

often representative of old age and “over the hill”. Working as a hairstylist in the 70’s many of my clients either lost their husband soon after retiring at the age of 65 or passed on themselves. Now working in Retirement Homes and Senior Centres filled with 80, 90 & more often now 100+ year olds reflects… “We’ve come a long way Baby” as the majority of these seniors are women still enjoying the here and now.

Listen to it now and you will find yourself moving to the beat and quickly singing along with the chorus. I know I did!


Human Design By Karen Curry 

Understanding of Human Design – The new science of Astrology; Discover Who You Really Are by Karen Curry  

This is a book that expands upon the concept that the world population can be grouped into five types. These types are derived from a new synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science. With all of these teachings applied the development of an individual chart then uncovers one’s type and detailed information to their personality traits and abilities. 

The marvel of this approach to life is that it offers recognition of five types of personalities in humanity. This then may explain the actions we choose on our haphazard journeys. Reading this book has personally created an examination into my own Human Design type anomaly. A tailored application to my approach in all areas of life adds intrigue to my adventures.   

After receiving a confirmation chart of one’s personal type, the information in this book could uncover a first big step into self-awareness. Karen Curry has offered a rich and provocative

WOW Pick for June 2014   

concept to an enlarged vision of un- complicating the workings of humanity.   Her intention to offer us the ability to live life in full self-love-awareness is expansive in this book. WHO we really are? An interesting dive into self-discovery.   

Contributed by WOW Gal Gloria Messenger Spiritual Artist and Angel Messenger.


WOW Pick for May 2014  

  Freedom Follows Letting Go By Carolyn Shannon

This watercolour says to me, “YES!!!” I have never felt more alive than at this moment! I have never been more certain that I am OKAY! That I LOVE MY LIFE at this very moment because I feel so Free…so LIBERATED…so OPEN to what the future will bring me.

She shows me the path she has travelled to get here and the growth that has taken place on the journey. The trees on the left being deciduous and representing many changes in life  and the evergreens on the right speak to me of times of steadiness in which peace will be restored as she chooses to  grow into the women she was truly meant to be… stronger and more wiser. Simplically beautiful it lifts you making you 

feel lighter, happier at a glance. You become her and want to linger here to stay in this peaceful moment as long as possible . Click on it to enlarge it and stay for awhile.

From this she can climb the mountains in the horizons with much ore ease than in the past…grounded and more trusting now of the fact that life will only send her “that which she can handle”.  The divine white light that surrounds her now will guide her on the next leg of her journey. Let go…Let God…just Go!


 I Will Survive Song By Gloria Gaynor 

Yes this song is an old one…yet it is still one of my most favorite songs. I often sing the title line to myself whenever I am having a dark day. It continues to lift my head up out of the clouds into the lightness of day each and every time.

We women are strong and resilient which is proven over and over by the many real life stories of women who never gave up on a loved one they sensed to still be alive. Or the many women who stay with a child afflicted with a disability when their husbands could not.

Women have the ability to go through times of darkness and burst through it with gifts of love & creativity. Each time stronger than the last like the warrior woman we visualize when we hear this song.

WOW Pick for April 2014 

love & creativity. Each time stronger than the last like the warrior woman we visualize when we hear this song. I was going through a marriage breakup when this song came out and it helped me to look into the mirror and sing it to the woman I saw looking back at me assuring her that together, as always, Whether just leaving home for the first time or having to start over on our own once more...“We Will Survive!” 


 WOW Pick for March 2014

Music in the meadow! By Juli Cady Ryan 

This artwork portrays three women playing beautiful music for their own enjoyment yet it represents so much more to me. The word Sisterhood comes to mind as I look upon it. For me it represents how women are very “instrumental” to each other in so many ways.

So often our personal issues can be solved just by opening up to sound of our own voices as we share any  fears, frustrations, obstacles and even joys with the women in our lives we trust to reflect back to us the “tune” our inner self is trying to help us hear. We don’t always like the arrangement…yet we always learn and grow from the experience. 

In the process there is growth all around us as if it is energized and fed by each note we play in our life’s song. And Yes, the sun is going to shine again no matter what we are faced with, knowing that we have the love and support of our “sisters” to help us through.

I treasure each and every one of my “Soul Sisters” and this artwork reminds me that because of them I never have to make music on my own…unless I choose to…and if so…they WILL understand.


 Heal Your Body by Louise L Hay

 An old book, yes….yet one I refer to on a regular basis, Heal Your Body, the mental causes for physical illness and the metaphysical way to overcome them is the best book I ever added to my personal library!

First it is a quick reference guide that covers the (problem) illness and locations on the body they might affect. Then it gives the (probable cause) emotions/thoughts your subconscious might be trying to mirror to you and finally (new thought patterns) in the form of affirmations that I like to write out 3 times whenever I am afflicted with an occasional or chronic pain in the “#%!” I may be suffering from at the moment.

Since I believe there are no mistakes in life…it was no mistake that just recently I was afflicted with bursitis on my knee joint. This was a first for me and the pain was making it difficult to walk. After putting up with it for 2 days I finally decided to pull out old faithful and what jumped out as theprobable cause was “Repressed Anger. Wanting to hit someone”. I was surprised, as I had been angry the last few days. Then this was validated by my significant other who had heard me read it out loud by him

WOW Pick for February 2014 


offering himself up for me to do so, jokingly of course, then seriously admitting his part in my anger from being too quick with his “judgements”. His taking responsibility for the actions that had been subconsciously upsetting me helped lift it and by the next day my knee was back to normal. This has happened as quickly for many things and taken a little more time with others…as it reflected back to me what I need to recognize and work on at that time.  Yes, I LOVE this book. I hope you do too!


WOW Pick for January 2014  


Strong 'Song Lyrics' by Jordyn Taylor  

There comes a time when we learn to stand on our own. Some earlier in life than others. This song resonates with many of us. For my Mom it was when she my father died and she was left with 3 children to raise and then much later when her second husband died and she was left on her own. Now that she is gone as well reflection on her strength and fearlessness still amazes me.

For me it represents how I went from my parental home into marriage, then to living with 2 friends and once more into marriage…never taking the time to spend any real time living on my own. Fearing life without the comfort of someone around yet inwardly craving to be STRONGenough to be on my own.

Today women have become much stronger in this sense. Many have lived & travelled on their own before becoming committed to a long term relationship. While it is always devastating when a long term relationship ends, having “survived” on our own first gives us that underlying trust that we could do it again if we have to face a break-up. We will be Strong enough to go on.Recorded by Michelle Wright


 When Everything Changed by Gail Collins

When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present 

When Everything Changed begins in 1960, when most American women had to get their husbands' permission to apply for a credit card. It ends in 2008 with Hillary Clinton's historic presidential campaign. This was a time of cataclysmic change, when, after four hundred years, expectations about the lives of American women were smashed in just a generation.” 

This book resonated with me on a very large scale. I have experienced first had the frustration of not being able to get a Local Department Store charge card ($100) because I didn’t want to have my husband as a co-signer even though I had my own job and making enough from it to support myself.

WOW Pick for December 2013  


Being a hairstylist at that time wasn’t considered a real vocation…and it was frustrating to see how much larger the tips/paychecks for the male stylists were at that time. Even my mother would take advice from a man over a knowledgeable woman until the last few years of her life.

"While we have made strides there is still room for change. Gail Collin’s When Everything Changed is the definitive book on five crucial decades of progress. It is a book that needs to be read by every young woman and any other woman who wants a humorous look at how far we have come."


WOW Pick for November 2013 

Nothing warms us more as a woman than being loved and appreciated by a loved one. We especially love it when  a loved one actually verbalizes this to us, either in word or song. A loved one who sees us as beautiful, even first thing in the morning! Well, what could be better than that?  However it is just as meaningful when we experience the  love that comes from a pet extending their paw or giving a gentle nudge upon waking. They love us even when we at at our worst as well.

We all need to feel we are making a difference in the live of others just by being in their lives. This song is a great morning motivational tool. It gives me a real win-win attitude to take with me as I tackle my to-do list. 

  Good Morning Beautiful Song



 WOW Pick for October2013 

One of the great Novels of all time! Lives of Girls and Women is a must-read for everyone. Alice Munro is an exceptionally talented writer and this novel proves it.

Del Jordan lives on a rural farm in southern Ontario and is guided along by three zany women: her very opinionated, eccentric mother who sells encyclopedia’s;  a boarder in 

her home – the lusty Fern Dogherty;  and her very best friend, Naomi who she is able to share all her feelings 

and stories with as she goes grows into a young woman during the 1940’s.

Through her eyes and under the influence of these three women we experience her encounters with sex, birth, and death. The hardships and joys of womanhood.

These are very powerful and moving stories, but at the same time quite humorous. Munro’s novels shimmer in their depictions of life. As a novel it is like separate stories but in the end they all come together to create the complex picture of Dell’s life.

It’s a great book, both addictive and inspiring. A well told semi-autobiographical novel which once read stays in the readers mind for a long time.

Contributed by WOW Gal Sponsor Wendy A Harrison 


  WOW Pick for September 2013

Back On Top from the Back on Top TV Show is a wonderful morning video. It makes you feel empowered and ready to go face the world one more day.

Filled with beautiful photos and encouraging, words it grabs your attention and keeps your there for the whole 3.39 minutes.

View this video now, do what it asks you to and you will feel uplifted and energized for the whole day.

A short, inspiring fix that I had to share with you!

Back on Top from Back On Top TV Show


 Bunica's Tomatoes by Gawri Manecuta

I was first drawn to this book because of the beautiful, vibrant artwork all of which were done by the author herself. A rare thing at best. 

Next I loved that it was a Romanian version of a much loved theme about the magic of creation... from the seed of a tomato to the harvest of plenty representing the true magic of creation by Mother Nature via Bunica's (Grandmother's) loving patience and nuturing.

"Tiny seeds in a pot of soil, water, sunshine and lots of tender loving care are Bunica's (Grandmothers's) secrets.

  WOW Pick for August 2013

 A Grandchild's awe and wonder spill from every page of this deliciously colourful and aplealing tale. Bunica's most magical gift"" describes it well (Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews - Author of Sea Glass & The Whispers of Stone).

A awe-inspiring tale for children and adults alike and wonderful book for to introduce children to another name for Grandmother, Nana, Grammy, Nona, etc. This was my first time meeting someone's Bunica and I loved it!


  WOW Pick for July 2013

 This Girl is On Fire by Alicia Keys


 "This girl is on fire... This girl is on fire!!! "

Normally I am a lover of the lyrics of a song. However with this song it more about how I feel each time I hear the words above. 

Without even knowing the rest of the words I find myself belting out those words over and over again for sometimes hours after hearing the song.

Over the years "being on fire" has had many meaning for me: During infancy it generally meant having a diaper rash or fever. During my adolescent and young adult years it meant the stirring of many strange, yet satisfying feelings and how boys could add to the "heat". During my 30's  it meant getting "fired up" about my career and money. During my 40's it meant finding my passion and re-inventing myself. That was also the decade that the air conditioner in my car broke down

and the temperature inside often reached close to 100 degrees. During my 50's it meant "hot flashes" and "night sweats". Now in my 60's I am simply "fired up" about waking up each morning happy, healthy and wealthy in ways that really count.

So no matter what the lyrics of this song say... I love this song because It just makes me feel good to sing the words, "THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!!!!" 


“Budda on the Train  posted by Lori Moore

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!  Not because I am a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and understand the AMAZING benefits of laughter on the body, mind and spirit. It has been proven scientifically by Dr. Kataria of India that the brain benefits from laughter that is real AND fake.

It demonstrates that what we may at first see as odd or ridiculous may actually be exactly what our hearts / souls need to feel light and free again like we did when we were babies.

My hope is that after seeing this  you will all go right out fearlessly re-enact this wonderful scene. Possibly even have someone videotape it to mimic the craze Ellen Degeneris started of people dancing behind other people without ever being seen doing it. I know I will!

  WOW Pick for June 2013

This is Too funny I had t share!  I challenge you to watch this video and not laugh!!! You are from this earth, right??? 


  WOW Pick for May 2013

 Wisdom of Flowers: by Judy Ward

 A Journey of Personal and Spiritual Growth

The first thing that struck me when I opened this book was the beautiful mesmerizing photographs of some of my favourite flowers. However it wasn’t long after reading about each and what they symbolized that I understood why my choice of most loved had changed and evolved as I had personally and spiritually.  It led to discovering how each had fit into the stages of my life journey as if divinely “planted” in my subconscious, magnetically drawing me to them in gardens, photos and books.

Daffodils then Clematis followed by Daisies with a mixture of Roses (not my preference for years) have now been upstaged by Lilies in the level of happiness felt when I would stop to gaze upon them.  Co-incidence? Before reading this book I would have thought so. This book indicated maybe not.

 The summer I developed this new craving to plant, nurture and then drink in the beauty of Lilies in garden was the year I became a Laughter Yoga Leader. Now 2 years later I discover that “Lilies remind you to laugh every day and as often as laugh at yourself, at life, and at your mistakes and challenges.”

Filled with interpretations and exercises to work through issues blocking you from receiving the gifts each flower was meant to ignite in you it belongs in your library.


  “Stronger” (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’ won the Best Pop Vocal Album of the year at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Admittedly, the song was inspired by the quote by Friedrich Nietzsche,  “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”

The songs up lifting theme of empowerment led Clarkson to name her fifth studio album ‘Stronger’. She also stated that the song is one of her favourite songs in the album saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s a perfect representation of my life”. 

I feel the chorus is a representation oALL the WOW Gals and ALL those yet to share their stories. I believe we are here to experience life and if it we never experienced a "bump in the road" we wouldn't be having a true "life" experience. We wouldn't have the opportunity to grow, to become "Stronger".

Prior to the songs release, while Kelly was in Tahiti, she found out the song had been leaked online and she commented that it felt worse than being physically robbed. 

 WOW Pick for April 2013

 "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger 

Stand a little taller 
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone 
What doesn't kill you makes you a fighter 
Footsteps even lighter" 

 On November 17, 2011, Kelly Clarkson asked her fans to help her with A great flash mob video she was preparing for the release of Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You). The end result was this great video  that premiered on VEVO. It starts off showing Kelly in the video control room watching the videos that were submitted on various computer monitors and ends with a great flash mob scene. 


  WOW Pick for March 2013

 Women's Self Defense clip on KTLA Featuring:

 Time World Karate Champion  -  Noel Gyros

The DVD  'Live To Tell About It' or Purchase it on Amazon 

I tried a few of the techniques in this interview and couldn't believe how effective they were. Especially, with having no martial arts experience at all. I also believe that Repetition is the Mother of Skill so practicing some of the most necessary moves, even if only in the mirror, will help you to make them second nature if and when needed.

From firsthand experience I know that the general first response is to panic, be in shock and/or quickly use up any strength available trying to pull away. In my case it was the realization that the harder I fought so did he. I was fortunate enough to be able to “talk” my way out of further attack. However that is not the norm. While practicing would be best just having the visual of these techniques in ones psyche to pull from if necessary could help.

I have quoted a review by Dave Anderson who gives a father and husband’s view on using it to protect the women in his family. It speaks volumes. Quite an endorsement!

“This DVD takes the fear and complexity out of defending yourself. I viewed the DVD with my wife, daughter and mother-in-law 

and assumed the role of the "bad guy" to let them use the techniques they had just learned. I was impressed with how effective the techniques were and by how fast my family was able to learn to use them.  I am a large man and they were able to disable me quickly with what they had learned! No DVD can cover every situation one may encounter, but the lessons taught in this program are transferred to dozens of unpleasant or dangerous situations you or your loved one might find themselves in. The production quality is also top-notch. The instructors are the real deal 


 WOW Pick for February 2013

Katherine Vanderzwet is a certified wellness and lifestyle consultant. She is also an author. Her latest book - Be Well/Unlock the Health and Wellness That You Deserve, became the perfect venue to pool the wealth of knowledge she had collected over a span of 25 years. In her words, “I just want to share what I have learned through the research that I have done and what others have uncovered through their own research, with others”.

As our stress levels rise from the negative mental chatter in our minds and a lack of sleep our chance at a healthy life span is diminished. ‘Be Well’ shows the way for us to return to a more natural rhythm of sleeping and eating.  

This book presents some of the best research results out there. You’ll find plenty of interviews and articles from some of the most respected thinkers of our time.

Not just physicians and researchers, but prime ministers, presidents, sports figures, philosophers and scientists. 

I think you will enjoy reading this book, using your new knowledge in your daily life and seeing an improvement in your attitude, overall health and nutrition. As you learn to forgive and move forward; sleep well and laugh often; you will unlock the abundance of health and wellness that you deserve. 

Contributed by WOW Gal Sponsor Wendy A Harrison 


Anyway as Performed by Martina McBride 

This song ‘Anyway’ was first introduced at the CMA Awards in 2006 by  Martina McBride . It’s a beautiful rendition of a favourite poem (The Paradoxical Commandments) of Mother Teresa’s and written by Kent Keith. 

It is the first and last song on my collection of Inspirational Songs I listen too every time I take a road trip every since I first heard it in 2006. 

It speaks to me on a heart level. We have all song songs no one else gets like we do, all loved someone who couldn't love us back the same way, and lately...we have been witness to many buildings built that were destroyed in a blink of an eye at the hands of Mother Nature. 

Much like the sandcastles we build on the beach, once washed away by the tide, the wonderful memories of fun while creating it remain. The joy was in the building, singing, loving, being...

 WOW Pick for January 2013  




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