WOW REVIEWS 2016-2015

WOW Pick for December 2016

Sustainable Peace Meditation by WOW Gal Karen Curry

Originally created to assist in finding peace within on America’s 2016 Election Day we feel it is also perfect for the Christmas season as well. It is a powerful and beautiful prayer in video form that puts the listening in a peaceful state full of hope for the future we would all like to manifest if not forever, then for a moment, an hour, a day, week or year.

In case your internet connection is slow or unable to view videos here are the words to read aloud. If we all read them at least once over this holiday season we may very well see an energy shift for the better. Sit back.  Relax.  And use the power of your mind to imagine...

A world where everyone is abundant, well-fed and has easy access to clean water.

A world where all people have easy access to integrated health care that supports the full manifestation of their health and vitality.

Where all people feel loved, are empowered, able to make their unique authentic contribution to the world, where we forgive the past and move forward taking only the lessons and the blessings, 

Where we take our direction in life from our spiritual connection, are guided by our desire to contribute to the greater good of humanity and we embrace the many and diverse spiritual paths that we collectively choose to follow

We imagine a world where everyone is safe from war, hatred, discrimination and terror.  Where we see the heart of each other and honor the unique expression of each and every one of us.

Where we are free to choose who and how we love and we embrace the many faces and facets of love.
Where we embody the understanding that "I am because You are and without You, each and every one of you, I would not be who I am."
A world where all children are welcomed, loved and nurtured.  Where all people have free and easy access to education and can follow their dreams and destiny and are celebrated on their unique journey of discovery and mastery.  Where experience is honored and valued and we understand that sometimes wisdom can only come from time so we celebrate our grandfathers and grandmothers.
A world where we use words to uplift, create, empower, love and honor each other.
A world where we live in alignment with nature, assume our place as humble inhabitants and care for our planet and her resources with the deep awareness that each of our individual actions have the capacity to affect all of us.  Where we honor all sentient beings and serve as a steward for this breath-taking and awe-inspiring planet.
We live in a world where our natural state of wonder and connection to our true creative powers is kept alive and celebrated, where everyone honors their unique gifts and knows that each life is a once-in-a-lifetime event.
Where the extremes of life cause us to take rapid and compassionate action for the sake of others.
Where we nurture, love and value ourselves and our own unique contribution to the world.
A world where know that death is inevitable, so we dance with the vulnerability and joy of life, knowing each minute is precious.  And that all manifestations of life are precious.
We see a world of sustainable resources and, consequently, sustainable peace and we hold that vision with faith, confidence and the open awareness that the solutions and manifestations we seek are already on their way.
And we embrace where we are right now, knowing we are exactly where we need to be, enveloped fully in the energy of love, fully present and ready to take the next necessary step to evolve the world.
Amen. Have a glorious day!!! Lovingly Gifted to YOU, Karen (Women of Worth Magazine agrees ”AMEN to THAT!”)

God Made Girls sung by RaeLynn

A light-hearted song that to us reflects a fun reason for God making "Eve" with a much happier, less guilt-ridden ending. It starts out with a teenager’s idealistic concept of why God made girls with,
“Somebody's gotta wear a pretty skirt,
 Somebody's gotta be the one to flirt, 
 Somebody gotta wanna hold his hand so God made girls”. 

Then it has girls helping boys/men to be the best they can be with, 
“Somebody's gotta make 'em get dressed up,
 Somebody's gotta give 'em a reason to wash that truck, 
 Somebody gotta teach 'em how to dance so God made girls.

Followed by what women strive to be, compassionate, loving, beautiful AND strong, 
“He needed something soft and loud and sweet and proud…
 Something beautiful, unbreakable that lights up in the dark,
Somebody's gotta be the one to cry
Somebody's gotta let him drive, give him a reason
To hold that door so God made girls
Somebody's gotta put a fight,
Make him wait on a Saturday night,
To walk downstairs and blow his mind,
So God made girls
Someone that can wake him up and call his bluff
WOW Pick for November 2016

Someone that is hard to handle
Somethin' fragile to hold him when he hurts
So God made girls God made girls he stood back and told the boys I'm bout to rock your world”
WOW! This song makes it FUN to be a GIRL!


WOW Pick for October 2016

The Nearly Girl by WOW Gal Lisa DeNikolits
Captured from the first page you are taken on a roller coaster ride of suspense, heartfelt compassion, humor and moments of annoyance for what first appears to be inconsiderate and disrespectful behaviour Amelia’s part. Then you find out she suffers from a genetic imbalance passed down from her father combined with extremist traits of her mom. 

Due to unexpected humour throughout this book you become attached to this woman, her struggles and even begin to see her amazingness. After years of accepting her fate as her cross to bear she begins to enjoy the freedom from life’s responsibilities it gives her…until she can do so no longer…with the threat of financial assistance being cut off. Necessity pushes her to try to take charge of her life and illness with a unique new therapy called DTOT (Do The Opposite Thing). Pretty easy to predict the outcome, right? Not at all!

The fast-paced comical drama & antics of dysfunction within family and “family of choice” (friends/co-counselling buddies) leads into an unexpected turn of events when she and her current boyfriend stumble upon her trusted doctor’s secretive and very dark home life. This puts them both in grave danger and the rest you have to “read to believe”. An ending worth waiting for. Get Your Copy Now

You Gotta Be by Des'ree
Des’ree wrote this song after recovering from a devastating break-up with a romantic partner. She credits the book ‘Creative Visualization’ by Shakti Gawain for helping her recover.  "I've always been blindly optimistic, and that [book] helped me rise from my melancholia," said Des’ree

She is a firm believer in daily affirmations and the power of believing in one’s self. 

Des’ree explains that ‘You Gotta Be’ is “about having the inner strength to figure out who you are, with ‘You Gotta Be’, specifically being born out of me stopping myself and thinking everyday how you gotta be something. You have to be cool and calm in {one} situation and then you have to be bold and strong in another situation”.

She recalls waking up one morning, “with an oddly positive feeling”, and asked her manager to send her demo over to what is now SONY.  Shortly after and 
WOW Pick for September 2016
without any real reputation in the music industry Sony signed her up and her new album was released in 1992.

This talented singer song writer from London has won many major awards in North America, Britain and the world.
Although she is no longer directly involved in the music industry, she is following her passion in naturopathy and is an active member of PETA but, still manages, in her spare time, to write a few songs.

WOW Pick for August 2016
Watch the latest movie trailers on

New Ghostbusters Movie Review by Manohla Dargis
Ghostbusters: Girls Rule. Women Are Funny. Get Over It.

Oh, wait, because whatever else you can say about the new “Ghostbusters,” it’s a lot like the old “Ghostbusters,” except that it stars four funny women instead of, you know, four funny men. In other words, it doesn’t have a lot of XY chromosomes and basso profondo voices, though its token hottie, played by a game, nimbly funny Chris Hemsworth, pulls his weight on both those counts.

No one performance dominates the new “Ghostbusters,” which is for the most part democratically comic (a Paul Feig signature), although Kate McKinnon’s magnificent, eccentric turn comes close.
She plays Holtzmann, the in-house mad-hatter who whips up the ghost-busting hardware (proton packs included) with a crazy leer and page after script page of playful-sounding gobbledygook. Ms. McKinnon makes for a sublime nerd goddess (she brings a dash of the young Jerry Lewis to the role with a glint of Amy Poehler) and, in an earlier age, would probably have been sidelined as a sexy, ditsy secretary. Here, she embodies the new “Ghostbusters” at its best: Girls rule, women are funny, get over it.

Part of what makes “Ghostbusters” enjoyable is that it allows women to be as simply and uncomplicatedly funny as men, though it would have been nice if Ms. Jones had been given more to do. (If this were a radical reboot, she would have played a scientist.) In the end, these are Ghostbusters, not Ghostbusting suffragists, even if there’s plenty of feminism onscreen and off. It’s hard to know if the movie started off being as meta as it now plays, but when these Ghostbusters are labeled frauds — or crack jokes about ugly online comments or take on a fan boy from hell — it sure feels as if Mr. Feig and his team are blowing gleeful raspberries at the project’s early sexist attackers.

 (Excerpts taken from  article in New York Times July 10, 2016) Read full article

Colour Me Happy Books by Nancy Broese 
Yes ladies! Colouring is the latest way being able to meditate -actively. So many of us have such busy lives and minds that it is impossible to slow or stop our minds from overthinking even if we find the time to try to zone out!

The GOOD news is that with this type of meditation your mind feels like it is still working while the rest of you relaxes fully. AND YES! It can be done while the TV or Radio is on in a room full of family members just being their normal noisy selves. Once you start the process…you enter a do not disturb zone that allows you to continue stress free even if interrupted during the process. WOW!!!

So with SOOOOOO many out there… which do you chose. Well after much research in this area I like simplicity and have found that most of the new books are too complicated with little space between the lines to fill in with colour and the outlines grayish in tone and often looking blurry. In the end my favourites are the Colour Me Happy Mandala Colouring Books by WOW Gal Nancy Broese who teaches destressing workshops thru art therapy

There are 8 Themed Books to choose from each with a healing component (so your mind has something to work on too) that you can ignite before colouring or not. Either way it is an active meditation once you start so you will definitely FEEL BETTER in the long run.

While I LOVE the printed versions… I also purchased the digital versionof the ones I might like to do again and again like the Stress relieving one. Then I print out a copy of the one I resonate with on that particular day. Simply changing the colours used each time can make it a totally different process and outcome.

So… if you want to keep your sanity in this ever changing and somewhat seemingly crazy world… this is the perfect way to Colour YOURSELF HAPPY!

WOW Pick for July 2016

 WOW Pick for June 2016

YOU, ME, WE Poem & Artwork by Carolyn Shannon  

You are you and me, I'm me.

Can we stay this way if we

merge together to create

a couple for whom we can celebrate?

I trust in you and you trust in me.

The time is here to trust that we

can handle each and every thing

life's sense of humour deems to bring.

It's up to you and it's up to me...

how strong our union is to we.

There 'll be laughter and some tears

and many real and imagined fears.

So...we solemnly swear that...

I'll talk to you and you'll talk to me

when crucial moments threaten we.

To maintain balance in all we share.

To live a life that is loving and fair.

To you...  To me...  To WE...

This simplistic poem exemplifies how a relationship can be when both involved (male & female / female & female / male & male) let go of the constant need for their partner to bend to or see things "their way".  Any one of these aspects in extreme at all times can lead to loss or even illness in the one being / bending to the other's will just to "keep the peace".

Everyone and every relationship will be tested by life. The more emotionally mature each person is when they come into a relationship the less they will need to be the center of it at all times. There will be times when it needs to be about YOU. There will be times when it needs to be about Me (so feign interest even if you are not interested. We all just want to be listened to most times. Generally there isn't a quiz at the end. Whew!) AND there will be times when it is important to put our Egos aside to ensure we can handle whatever difficult situations come OUR way. At those times WE need to be able to trust that WE will communicate OUR needs clearly, Each take on the role WE are each best suited to for the situation at hand AND work through it together.


The Rhythm of Angel Wings by Gloria Messenger 

This is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL books in the world: To Look At; To Hold Onto; To Display; AND Yes, Just To Feel (it’s Velvety Cover)!  And that is just the outside of the book! 

Inside it is full of colourfully displayed original Angel drawings, photos, and Angel encounter stories collected from contributors (ages 3 to 70+) by WOW Gal Gloria MessengerThe Angel Messenger for the past 20 years. All are inter-twined with insights channeled by her from The Angels of the Light. 

Every time you open this book you are amazed to notice something you missed the first time as you are drawn to a different story or drawing and you feel guided to spend time with on that specific day. Today I was drawn to the Pet Angel on page 83, perhaps because I am nearing the anniversary of my beloved cat’s death.

Last week I was guided to the children’s drawings on pages 41 – 45 as I was releasing some old childhood stuff and these reminded me that I was surrounded by Angel energy or I may not have become who I am today.  I wonder which ones will resonate with YOU?

WOW Pick for May 2016 

At the moment The Rhythm of Angel Wings is a self-published book only available from the author’s website, personally autographed for you or a loved one. A book you will treasure each and every day because it feels good just to hold it close and absorb the wonderful energy exuding from the pages within. 


WOW Pick for April 2016 

Remedy by Adele 

This is a song that resonates what I believe every one of our Past WOW and Future WOW Gals. Each and every one of our stories have “its scars”.  Adele who almost lost her voice forever knows this all too well. Each and every one of us has experienced when “night keeps us awake”. Yet we have also come to recognize that even in our darkest of moments, in fact, sometimes ONLY in our darkest moments, do we find a LOVE we have overlooked until then. 

This LOVE may be experienced in different ways for those who open to it. It may be newfound faith in a Divine Being whose presence cannot be denied. It may be in the awakening of Self-Love. It may appear an “earthly” Angel Person or Pet who expectantly and generously surrounds you with LOVING Energy. 

However or whatever is your Loving Remedy you have a found trust that “No river is too wide or too deep for me to swim to you…Your love, it is my truth… And I will always love you” will forevermore carry you through future life struggles with the certainty you truly aren’t alone anymore… You have a “Remedy for that


 Energy Healing Wolf

A Wolf Suffering From a Neurological Disorder Is Treated By an Energy Healer’s Natural Work Susan & Jean (Founders of Earthfire Institute)

This video tells the story of a wolf on a nature preserve who was suffering from a terrible neurological condition that was distorting her posture and everything else. The people who ran the nature preserve wanted to avoid resorting to medication and similar therapies, and tried giving her assistance from an energy healer. 

The energy healer was able to put her hands on the wolf and everything, in spite of the fact that the wolf typically had a difficult time trusting humans other than the people who ran the preserve. Shortly after some consecutive sessions with the healer, the wolf was feeling significantly better. This story is told using voice-over and footage of the event, which gives it an intimate feel. 

People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since the story that is portrayed here is certainly very interesting, and it could get a discussion going about alternative medical treatments. Earthfire Institute: Wildlife Sanctuary & Retreat Center

 WOW Pick for March 2016 



 WOW Pick for February 2016

8 Books Every Pride and Prejudice Fan Should Read

From Pop Sugar Posting by Brenda Janowitz. "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife." And it is also a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is a classic, and that nothing's more fun than a modern update of this beloved story. Keep reading to discover which remake of the beloved series is perfect for you.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Start with the classic Pride and Prejudice and fall in love with Jane Austen all over again. Plus, rereading the original will make reading the modern versions that much more fun. 

Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld A thoroughly modern take on the original, where Elizabeth is a magazine writer, Jane is a yoga instructor, and Bingley is fresh off a stint on the Bachelor-esque reality show, Eligible. Sittenfeld’s Eligible is an un-put-down-able retelling of the beloved classic. 

Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding Do you like your Liz Bennet to be an utterly hilarious, completely lovable, hard-drinking, chain-smoking single woman in London? Bridget Jones's Diary is a chick-lit classic that you’ll want to read over and over again. 

Prejudice & Pride by Lynn Messina A gender-bendy take on the classic. Here, Darcy is the same as we’ve come to know him: rich, proud, disapproving, standoffish. Only catch? He is a she in Prejudice & Pride a clever and funny mashup of regency romance and chick lit. 

Longbourn by Jo Baker In Longbourn by Jo Baker, the servants of the estate take center stage. In this vivid reimagining of the classic, love stories and clashes over class status abound, bringing light to the characters you never knew before. 

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith Do you like your Pride and Prejudice to include a supernatural element? Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has got you covered. A mashup of the original P&P and a zombie apocalypse. After all, "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains." 

Death Comes to Pemberley by PD James Did you love Pride and Prejudice, but wish that it were a murder mystery instead? Death Comes to Pemberley takes place six years after the marriage of Elizabeth and Darcy, as Elizabeth’s disgraced sister, Lydia, shows up on their doorstep, screaming that her husband, Wickham, has been murdered. Admit it, you’ll read it just because Wickham got his due. 

Austenland by Shannon Hale Do you love Pride and Prejudice so much that you wish you could just leap into its pages? In Austenland, Jane is similarly obsessed (with Colin Firth [9] from the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice). When she gets the chance to visit an English resort for Austen-obsessed  women, she sets off to find a Darcy of her own.


 The Older Ladies Song by Donnalou Stevens

Well, I ain’t 16, not a beauty queen.
My eyes are baggin’ and my skin is saggin’
And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
Maybe that’s not love.
I ain’t 20 either and I don’t care neither.
My hair is gray and I like it that way. And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
Maybe that’s not love.
If you don’t think I rock, well we ain’t gonna roll.
If you don’t think I hung the moon, my hot just turned to cold.
If you wanna younger model, I wish you well, sweet pea.
Cuz if you can’t see what it is you’ve got,
Then you ain’t getting me.
I got cellulite and achin’ feet
My thighs kinda jiggle when I giggle and wiggle
And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
My tummy ain’t tucked or liposucked.
It’s a little poochy, but I still Hoochy Koochy
And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
Maybe that’s not love
See, I’m no longer desperate. I’ll only have a man
if he has the smarts to see how HOT that I still am. 
If you want a younger model, I wish you well sweet pea.
If you can’t see what it is you have, you ain’t having me.
Older ladies, older ladies, older ladies… are DIVINE!!!
I got a chicken neck and I love it, by heck
It makes a double chin whenever I grin 
And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
Maybe that’s not love 
Well I got little breasts that droop from my chest,
purt near down all the way to my nest.
And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me,
Maybe that’s not love
Older ladies, older ladies, older ladies… are DIVINE!!!
Older ladies, older ladies, older ladies… are DIVINE!!!

 More About Donnalu Stevens

WOW Pick for January 2016 


This song has quickly become the "Anthem: of Women all over the world! We have given you the words so you can sing-a-long.... we know YOU WILL want to. Enjoy!!!!


As we mature we want to be loved more for what we are inside than what is reflected on our outside. One of my most inspiring examples of this was when visiting one of my Mom's friends.

She, a singer herself, was now in a wheel chair with no legs due to diabetes and just a shadow of the vibrant woman I once knew... at first glance... yet within minutes of being in her presence I became aware that she was the happier than I had ever known her to be.
She had married her best friend who had been in her life for many years.  And as he, in his seventies like her, attentively cared for her every need he sported a t-shirt with the words, "I LOVE ANITA" on it.

While we don't want to ever be physically challenged to this degree or worse. This experience left me believing that when we are loved "Soul to Soul" that is LOVE that is truly DIVINE


 WOW Pick for December 2015

 Peace by Ilona Svetluska

We chose this in a time where there is so little peace in so many countries throughout the world right now.

At first it feels like we are spinning in circles or being sucked into a vortex of white light. Then when we stop and take a breath, it has the feel of Angel feathers ready to cushion the fall of a person who is ready to move into light/clarity, leave a turbulent life behind and recreate herself. (Look closely at the small faces to see the profile of a woman’s face looking up for divine guidance before proceeding to turn and face the future her.

To the left of the opening is what looks like the duster or brush that was used to create the opening /opportunity for a change to take place.) 

As with most of us who have had to make huge life changes…there is a peacefulness that come when the decision to let go and move on has been made. Up until then we are filled with the stress of indecision (perhaps even much physical or emotional pain). Then often for a time after this peace and certainty we often suffer from moments of “What do I do now?!?” or continue to go through our “fight, flight” stage until we can begin to see that we have made the choice that was best for us at the time. 

Completely painted in blue, the color of expression, this artwork makes one feel that strength is gained through the releasing of heartfelt tears, emotions and solutions are found through sharing our story. If you enlarge,  closely at the outer right side you can see the new person forming and reflecting back on their moment of clarity and PEACE, Once it is truly felt…it is worth striving for again and again. More About IIlona & Artwork


 The Power of Pets by Marybeth Haines

Finally a book that recognizes that the loss of a pet can be as profound as losing a family member. That many pets are considered family and grieved as such. Since the publishing of this book I am seeing more and more businesses and corporations allowing at least a day off for the death of a family pet. Maybe not enough yet that is progress.

Marybeth shares 7 Effective Tools that can be used successfully in one’s healing journey of losing a beloved pet. It is a book that needs to be in every home that has a family pet, especially those with children who often have the death of one as their first experience with death. Both this book and Marybeth’s website have a plentiful list of helpful resources and she offers a free downloadable workbook with the sale of each book.

As a young child I experienced the loss of more up to 8 pets: dogs, cats, a bunny, a bird, fish and many small creatures I brought home perceiving they had been abandoned only to have them to die in my care.  I even had to watch my “pet” chicks have their heads cut off when they matured into chickens.

I cried for each one while everyone around me told me “they were just pets or animals” and that I would get over it in no time. Instead I built a wall that kept me from getting fully attached to any new additions and that wall became so strong it kept me from allowing my heart to fully loving anything or anyone. I learned to stay detached until I met Sammy…an angel in the form of a cat…who opened my heart during the 16 years he was a part of it.  Losing him impacted me

WOW Pick for November 2015 

as deeply as the loss of my Mom and I loved her deeply. Thankfully I was surrounded by people now who grieved along with me loving the tribute I wrote and visiting his grave in the back yard to pay their respects.

For me Marybeth’s book confirmed that I had handled the loss of my Sammy in a way that was healthier than I had in the past and gave me the tools to heal my heart with each turn of the page.

Experts love this book too!
Dr. Colleen Skavinsky, DVM Chief Veterinary Officer, Western Financial Insurance Company
As a veterinarian, I can appreciate that people do not always receive the support they need from friends, family, and co-workers after losing a beloved pet. Marybeth’s book is invaluable for pet owners as they move through their loss and open their hearts to the healing power of the human-animal bond.
Barbara Cartwright. CEO, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies
I’ve read dozens of books, many of which were extremely helpful. This book is different as Marybeth Haines shares healing in a new light. Using the tools outlined in this book reinforces to me how powerful healing can be and is an invaluable tool for anyone who is experiencing the loss of a pet.


WOW Pick for October 2015  

Vibrational Earth Children Oracle Deck by Debbie Anderson 

So far in my life I have seen that the following items can be used to help or hurt people: Hammers, Knives, Tarot Cards and even The Bible.  It is up to the person using these tools how it will influence the person it is being used on, including themselves. Therefore there is a HUGE responsibility humans must accept and be aware of in order to positively benefit from them.

I had just taken a tarot card course when I was suddenly faced with having someone stalk me. Through a daily reading I was became aware of his presence whenever the knight of swords reverse showed up. This knowledge helped me be more cautious on those days and in time be one step ahead of him until his identity was disclosed and steps were taken to end it for good. Therefore I am a believer that we gain valuable guidance from many tools available to us. 

WOW Gal Debbie Anderson is one of those aware and responsible people who has been guided to give children a very beautiful deck of cards to use in allowing their inner guidance to help them recognize and even work towards healthy solutions to meeting their needs. The Vibrational Earth Children Oracle Deck offers children from 8+ years the opportunity to discover a connection with positive messages & guidance to help children learn in a safe & uplifting way. The beautiful deck is non-denominational with a focus on providing children with positive, constructive & supportive ways to think about the world around them. Depending on the child’s age each card’s message can be explored alone or with an adult.  These positive pictures and easy to read messages are something to be considered for sure.


Because of YOU by Kelly Clarkson Performed with Reba McEntire 

This video appeared on the TV screen recently and I was once again hit with an emotional response. Most times when I hae seen it in the past I would feel myself feeling empathy for the victim (Kelly Clarkson). I still felt her hopeless depression (anger turned inward) and heart wrenching acceptance of her life as it is with no glimpse of what it could be if she could escape and start new.

Her pain is amplified here in having to watch her abuser come unto other women with the same “syrupy” words and gestures that he most likely used on her when they first met. How far he goes with these other women is not evident in the video and I can only imagine that underneath all the humiliation she is feeling there might be a

WOW Pick for September 2015 

glimmer of hope that he go off with one of these women and out of her life forever.  However, this time, I also felt the frustration and hopelessness of her friend who was powerless to help someone afraid and unwilling to leave this relationship/situation that can only get worse.  I felt her blood boiling with the desire to yell/strike out at the abuser for hurting her friend knowing from my own experience that if she steps in when the victim isn’t ready she will most definitely be the person that two doing this dance would only see her as the one to blame for their “problems”.  So the hamsters stay spinning on the wheel unable to jump off. Thankfully, many women do jump off and live wonderful new lives by finding a Women’s Shelter nearby.


WOW Pick for August 2015

 A Daughter's Journey by Louise Michaud

The reader of this book is held in the fragile glimpse of health challenges with the inspirational strength of a child.

As the book unfolds, optimistic wishes of hope compel the reader to complete it page by page

The heartbeat of a mother’s love is imprinted on every page of this book as she cradles her daughter Chantal.

I felt an intimate connection with the author Louise as she shares the family’s bravery and faith. 

Within “A Daughters Journey” by Louise Michaud, hope becomes resilient with the child’s messages to us all.

I found myself in a space of elevated inner peace, the close-up and touchable kind. 

 Contributed by WOW Gal Gloria MessengerAngel Portrait Artist, Author, Spiritual Messenger.


WOW Pick for July 2015  


Keys to Happiness Video By Live Happy Videos

We can ALL use a Key or two to Happiness on occasion and NOW just might be one of those moments when this Video could really help.

With inspirational words by John Lennon and many others as well as the beautiful background song it allows you to float along and forget about whatever was bothering you in the first place.

And if nothing is bothering is just a wonderful way to spend time feeling peaceful in the NOW.

Sit back, relax and Enjoy Ladies! I promise you WILL be smiling when it is over.


Responding to the Call: the Sequel by Suzan Milburn 

While we all go through times of depression that can be so dark it can be debilitating some of us find ways to engage in these moments and create amazing "heartworks" and journals in the process. Many a good artwork, book or movie has been rooted in a person haaving to overcome times of extreme emotional "imbalance".

That is exactly what Susan Milburn did and thankfully she even shared it on The Canadian Mental Health Association site where many going through difficult times can view it.   

Having used art myself in the past to express the angry & depressed emotions it took to  "divorce and remarry" a few people in my life, I thoroughly enjoyed this from beginning to end. In fact, I recommend you sit back and indulge yourself right now.

The personal captions Susan adds takes your through a journey that coasts along and gives you more insight into the creations and ending with a sense fo peacefulness.

WOW Pick for June 2015 



WOW Pick for May 2015


Men, Sex + Food by Rocky Krogfoss 

 WOW! WOW! WOW! A Short, Concise Book by a Man Who Really Gets IT!!! Don’t let the title mislead you. He has written this to help our men help us meet our need to be heard. He had to get them interested for them to actually open it and continue reading. And any man who truly wants to have a relationship that is loving and stress-free would benefit from not only reading this book but by using his simple The Chin in Hand Challenge.

This book teaches men how to stop being the FIXER, CORRECTORMake everything better Alpha Male and trust that women will solve the majority of their own problems by voicing it out loud to someone. Girlfriends have been doing this for years very successfully.

Another important insight that Rocky brings to light in this book is How Women Process and Release their Emotional Energy. He demonstrates this in a way that ALL Men can understand called The Metaphoric One Hour Clock. From a woman’s perspective he really got this right.

I love the simplicity of this easy process that assures success in any relationship. I understand fully that Rocky’s goal is to help women by helping their men and believe whole heartedly that it WILL WORK.

My only concern is that in encouraging men to act on this with the incentive of having sex or making breakfast as the only sure end result each time may lead to a man never trying again if it the woman doesn’t follow through in the moment. Sometimes an appreciative kiss and hug in the moment will set the stage for another time or day. However, this process will definitely make a women feel loved and lead to her wanting to treat her man “Royally” in MANY ways for sure. That being said I feel it is a MUST Read for both men and WOMEN! Thank You to Rocky for this effective relationship tool.


"I MATTER!" Video by Marsha Ellen Meidow

Sometimes a video comes along with too important a message to ignore. This is one of them. 

It speaks to all who have known or witnessed any type of abuse in their lives as well as those who for some reason feel unworthy or invisible. Anyone who has been bullied or neglected will also benefit from watching this video. No matter who you are or what life choices you have made YOU MATTER!!!!

The Marsha Ellen Meidow Foundation developed the “I Matter” campaign. “Educating Women and Youth to identify early signs of emotional or physical abuse. Empowering our Youth to recognize their own self-worth will provide the next generation with the wisdom to prevent, overcome and defeat violence.”  

Please go to for more information.

WOW Pick for April 2015 


WOW Pick for March 2015   

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift 

It’s been a little 6 months and I can’t get enough of this song & video. At first I played it every morning and now every time I need to smile.

I love that Taylor can make you laugh while she is laughing at herself in this video. The song on its own still remains my favourite yet the video of this woman who makes mistakes and in doing so still stands out as confident and ready to shake it off then get on with the next thing.

I first saw the spoof of it on the Kelly and Michael Halloween Show and Kelly did a fantastic job of it. So good that I thought I might be disappointed when I viewed the original. Not to be!Taylor nailed it with both this song and video.

The lyrics deal with things we often worry about yet are powerless to do anything about, 'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play.  And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake I shake it off, I shake it off. Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break. And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, I shake it off, I shake it off". ARE YOU READY to SHAKE IT OFF!!!!


Guided by WOW Gal Linda Deir 

 Reading this inspiring book I was able to empathise with this young child, then women’s abusive experiences, yet spent the majority of time in awe of how with the help of her “Guides” she was able to not only survive but excel in her life. Having had a similar beginning in life with my paternal parent being my abuser I truly related to what I was reading as parallel after parallel emerged. My opening to ‘spiritual guidance” came much later due to my father passing away and being afraid that “he” would be the one to contact me from the other side.  After reading this book I regret having closed myself off for so long from all the angels and helpers waiting patiently for me to allow them in.

By the end the reader is sure of one VERY IMPORTANT assurance: WE ARE NEVER ALONE even in our darkest of moments or most vulnerable times. We need only to quiet the fearful ranting within our thoughts during desperate times to know that with a certainty.  There is truly “nothing to fear but fear itself”. Acceptance of this brings peace in the eye of any physical or emotional storm. 

 I highly recommend this book to anyone who has had déjà vu moments or felt they have had even the smallest of miracles in their lives. However I recommend it even more to those who doubt the existence of the spirit world. 

WOW Pick for February 2015  

Throughout the telling of her story, Linda sprinkles it with Tips and Learnings for us that further assist readers in understanding and opening to the wonderful experiences and possibilities of a “Guided” Life.


WOW Pick for January 2015 

When you are down 
And feeling low
When there is despair
And almost all your hope gone
When you expect harsh words,
Backs turned on you

When you stand facing your weaknesses
Unable to bring about
A desired result
You think someone will resent you
Drop you like a hot potato
Turn away from you
Reject you

Praying to heaven for a miracle
Heaven answers
Not by supplying you
With all the work done for you
Not by bringing about the desired results

Instead, God sends an angel
To show you
You are valuable
With all your perceived weaknesses
All your perceived failures 


 When You Least Expect, There’s An Angel by Tirzalishezz


We Are NEVER Alone....Have You felt this yet? This poem asks us to trust we are always being guided, supported perhaps even being carried when we allow our Angels to be part of our lives.

Even in the darkest of times... When humans let us down, life seeems to be going "badly" Our Angel LOVES Us... 


It seemed like a good time to remind us all - after the drama, trauma and over spending hits home from the Christmas season - that everything is truly right. That YOU will be back in balance again. Ask your Angel(s) to assist you in this and ALL things in your life.

Two days before Christmas I asked my Angels to only let my desired sale items (2 of the same item) be available if it was truly for my Highest Good. When I found none on display I started walking out in acceptance I didn't need them after all. I was suddenly stopped by a sales clerk who asked if I needed to find something. I thought, "What the heck, I'll see where this will go." Within minutes he had found both and had them on a cart on the way to my car. Yes they were perfect for what I had in mind.

They are simply waiting for you to Ask. Make THIS your year to let them help if you haven't already. True... they may not give you EVERYTHING You ask for. They may only give what you need for your Highest Good. Ask anyway.  Happy New Years to You All!!!


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